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Daily live jobs – liver is not! You have the end of the Internet finally achieved after a long job search, but not the end of the world. As soon it is so far, say we know you here now. Look so often eat, so something is coming faster than you think. You want to leave the Internet now anyway? Simple away the snout full of eternal job search? Then perform carefully following steps: life begins at 50? With 60 is’s interesting? With 70 are around again? With 80 * s really stained? With 90 is still nothing too late? With 100 to go in retirement? Close now all open pages and window or terminate your Internet program. Properly shutdown the operating system of your computer. Record contact with the outside world in several steps: open a window and breathe fresh air.

Warning – the contrast and the brightness can be set or change. Also on the volume you can not influence. See everything as it is. The Noise is not a simulation, but everything is reality! How can I take a few steps through the room/Office. Only your own legs are what moves you. Don’t worry, so far everything runs normally. Look around if someone close to you is moving.

Get a cup of coffee to the swing “ALLROUNDER to go”! Go to him and just talk it. A keyboard or microphone is not required. Answering your call partner? But beware – this is not a chat or intranet! Try to eat food. To open all cabinet doors. Should be in a light tackle, then have you found the fridge! Look into whether there is still something edible. Beer, whiskey or wine will surely be all. Leave your new address to the Cabinet with the light at Aldi, Lidl, REWE, Edeka and newsstand around the corner to fill. Take a look around: the cars and people are all real. Unlikely as it sounds, but here and now you have only one life. A new start of the job search is still possible. Act immediately! Should on the way small children or colleagues at work against you run and call repeatedly Papa or Mama or colleague, then it can be to create your own. Well – the little rascals you have really not so big anymore in memory. Do you know even the names of your employees? But nothing makes as soon as first the name again have invaded you, then you will adapt quickly to you. These wishes you well have fun, endurance and luck in your job search? Of course DERAllrounder! As said already, the late Hollywood star Dennis Hopper: “as a proper work and alcoholic life is without not to bear a pinch of cannabis and Coke”.

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