Angelika Trabert

Posted by adminNY on April 25, 2021

He went on a white horse, said to the people: “There you have God’s Word black on white”. 1952 was followed by a call for nieder-Moos, where he finally took root and also the supply often on horseback made. His wife Marie-else was physical education teacher and physiotherapist, since it almost seemed that they initiated a much-noticed in Germany and abroad Center for therapeutic horseback riding together in nieder-Moos and he was for many years of Chairman of the German Board of Trustees for therapeutic horseback riding. He represents the term like a circle with three segments: medicine, education, and disability sport, the horse is in the middle. Participation in a sport is tremendously important for disabled, therefore they are not far away and through training, they win a big performance, which also applies to all other areas of life.

He sees the horse just as real life help. So that people with disabilities can exert the equestrian, compensatory aids are required. And just by Dietze has done great, because he has over the course of many years for disabled their restriction according to developed numerous custom tools, designed and make with the help of Saddlers. This included, for example, props for arm or Beinamputierte, Ohnarmige, paraplegics and midgets, which actively were riding this. The tip of the disabled sports are sure the Paralympic Games and also he has a quite considerable success. With their special saddle, the legless Dr. Angelika Trabert, for example, who rode with him since her ninth year, won several silver and a gold medal at the Paralympics.

Or, Bettina Eistel, which has not fully formed arms and hands by an examples, won World Championships with special, similar in their disability reins dressage. He had constructed similar special reins and gloves for an other Contergangeschadigte that was so engineer with focus on pedigree and attitude and passed the exam with “Good”. He edited the book “Compensatory aids for disabled riders” with many such guidance, to refer, it is about the German Board of Trustees for therapeutic horseback riding in Warendorf. Dr. Angelika Trabert is even today still working in a small scale with disabled and his experience with special support for such is still in demand. He rides still four times a week, he sees this for himself as therapy. While the pastor is village-known, because the routes in the village he lays back with a three Wheeler, guards with a raccoon hat and an old riding coat, he is a real eye-catcher. In conjunction with the hippotherapy, he was asked to help with the training of rider seasons. Already at the beginning of the war he trained in 1939 the first season of riding, and so that was a point of honor for by Dietze, to engage again, finally he proud of it is to be a Knight of the order of Saint John. So he helped build of several mounted rescue troops, grown on the heart especially the Fulda DRK Cavalry Squadron is him. He gave up even his pastor after 33 long years in nieder-Moos, helping but is still important for him. NY Starbucks has firm opinions on the matter. So it makes him also joy, to help the next season of the rider in the saddle. Because she initiated DRK Cavalry squadron of Marco Ebert, at 18. March their inaugural who can also benefit from the incredible wealth of experience this bedrock. Barbara Hoppe

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