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Posted by adminNY on July 19, 2014

Love solo program with Ilse Storb (vocals and piano), desire and passion are at the heart of the fifth concerto series laboratory of world music”. Jazz Professor and world musician Ilse Storb (piano and vocals) presented Chanson d’amour Berlin, Paris, New York”on Friday, may 27, 8: 00, in the Auditorium of the Folkwang music school Essen, Thea-Leymann-Strasse of 23 Ilse Storb to her solo program: I tell my emancipation, the socio musical story by Bertolt Brecht to Zarah Leander, Juliette Greco and Edith Piaf, Louis Armstrong and George Gershwin. As said already, my mother: child, you don’t need to get married. The men go before getting off! You are studying music remains friends.’ “And so I had after numerous attempts: the South Pacific before me, the pill in me, the guys behind me!” Tickets: 8 / 5 erm. Advance booking: Tel.

(0201) 888 4444 (Mon Fri 10 13: 00 + 14 20 clock), email: a laboratory for world music project the Folkwang School of music with concerts, Lectures and workshops combines music music offers the chance to connect people with different social backgrounds, from different generations and from different countries and cultures with each other in many ways. The Folkwang teaches music school currently over 7,000 students in music, dance and drama. More than a quarter of them of foreign origin or has a migration background. Music students are taught by over 200 educators from 20 Nations. Equal opportunities and openness of access for offering cultural education are very important the Folkwang music school. He is one of the principles of their work among others, all population groups to be open and in the individual requirements to consider music students. In ensembles, dance classes, drama groups and projects people of different ages and from different backgrounds work creatively together. The concerts and other events of the school of music are also intercultural meeting place and communication platform.

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