Carlos Mora

Posted by adminNY on December 05, 2020

That pleases their owner, also through the upscale look and feel better Resale prices can be achieved. Requests from all over Europe now arrive in Vilshofen, because this technique is so far exclusively offered Mora of piano – even the manufacturers still don’t work. The first concert wing just in the shop according to is processed, pending next week for delivery. The owner, a lawyer, did deliver him extra from Madrid for this plastic surgery. The perfect surface of the wing you can reflect now scratch-free luxury gloss… real. If you would like to, can you read in the mirror image even newspaper 😉 Piano over 300 years mean Mora piano construction for us the certainty, something to do, which was through important people about all this time and is still worth.

As a master in the field of piano and harpsichord construction we honored on the one hand, on the other hand, to preserve this heritage and to pass on. Since 2001, we formed apprentices in the professional piano and harpsichord making out. These are regularly awarded at State and federal level. Piano, Mora was 1994 in Hofkirchen, district of Passau by Carlos Mora and Christine Sorgatz founded. The operation in a rural Idyll grew up with and whether the high ideals and standards. Our strengths from the outset: ambitious overhauls of beloved family pieces, clear concepts of detailed advice and subsequent mass work on the instrument, since 1997 sale of new pianos and grand pianos of highest quality.

With the move in larger rooms and the master examination by Christine Sorgatz, a new section for piano began Mora in 2001. 2008 also Carlos Mora acquired the master at the piano and harpsichord construction. At the moment, Mora piano has seven employees, including a trainee and two masters of the craft. In our showroom, the complete range of best brand instruments, constantly available to play and watch.


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