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Posted by adminNY on December 02, 2020

All together, the a2 philosophy have significantly shaped and found together in this way. There are now Germany, from Hamburg to Munich, a slew of builders, who are enthusiastic about the project a2 House and enjoy the new quality of life and living. The first projects in work are also in Austria, of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Croatia, England and Spain soon. The most interesting for us markets are currently the Rhein-Main area, the room of Cologne Dusseldorf Aachen, the greater Hamburg, Munich and Saxony as origin of a2 being, such cities as Berlin, Stuttgart and Dresden. In the latter city, we currently have 3 of the most beautiful and avant-garde projects in realization. The mentalities are very open to new ideas, and the regions that have the economic power, to be able to bring such buildings in greater numbers on the way”, explains Hans Pohle.

Reliability in the adherence of the once agreed price guaranteed a2haus. It’s like any experienced investor know not so self-evident. The broad panorama of the budget information has a very creative background. He is the starting point of all considerations of Hans Pohle. The basic idea of the a2hauses is that there is indeed a patented name has, but no basic types. There are a range of a few houses of types of “, so Pohle, is precisely the core of the concept.” I would like to realize no conventional homes with same variations on the theme of building and living.

The possibilities of our customers, to design the building, go very far. One of the most attractive points offer a2haus is precisely the path on which we organize cooperation with the builders. Ultimately, this leads to an original construction, with similarities to other a2 houses are excluded, from the outset in the whole system of the project. There are always fully personalized unique structures.

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