Confidence And Success

Posted by adminNY on June 07, 2021

Let’s see if this sounds familiar. A manager has two candidates, for some reason the expectations with respect to one of the two begin to move and the other receives a preferential treatment, whereas this has an impact on the self-worth of both employees. The relationship changes and resources are beginning to be greater for the favorite. To greater success higher backrest. Conclusion: someone is at a disadvantage and without resources, your boss has bet all his preferred candidate, finally who did well, going better. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out NY Starbucks. I remember a Conference of Jim Selman, an American coach who laid the foundations for the formation of coaching in Argentina, ask while heading to the audience: where they believe that there is the possibility that the cochee (person who receives coaching) is?, referring to his potential; immediately answered: in the eyes of the Coach.

Later to my astonishment by the convergence of the theories, I discovered that Lacan, one of psychoanalysts more influential after Freud, said something similar in their developments on the mirror stage: that we can understand and experience our totality from the built-in image that others take us back from us. 2 Confidence vs. Control A not only people do not like to be controlled, but they also control has ceased to be effective. The emotions predispose actions, depending on the emotionality that we are being crossed, there are behaviors that will be possible and others not. Control is based on the emotionality of the fear that restricts the creativity, innovation and learning, people stop taking risks or challenges to go unnoticed and abide by the status quo. But jobs have changed over time, today there is no task for more simple that this is where you don’t have to ever a decision or face a challenge. When that happens you not always you can be there, moreover you should not be there.

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