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Posted by adminNY on December 05, 2017

Until the month of May, Brazil were accumulated a primary surplus of R$ 13,200 million (US$ 8,000 million), which represents an increase of 42% in relation to the same period of the 2007. The farming plan, of which we spoke in an article at the beginning of month the Rise to them in the Price of Foods: Threat or Opportunity? , she was another one of the measures of the government of Lula to contain the inflationary rise through the extension of the internal supply of foods. Logically, this plan does not have immediate effects, reason why it will be necessary to hope that the same is shaped in an increase in the agrarian production to be able to determine if it can hit positively or no, on inflationary dynamics. Also a traverse of driving of the Central bank of Brazil comes fighting against the inflation. The COPOM comes increasing their rate from reference in their two last meetings.

So far, the market hopes that from the Central bank, the rate of reference rises to 12.75% (at the moment it is in 12.25%) in the meeting that is taking ahead. But in spite of all the efforts to maintain under control to the inflation, from the market already the nonfulfillment of the goal of inflation on the part of the Central bank of Brazil is anticipated. She is that the main analysts of the financial market prehorseradish tree an increase of 6.53% for this year in the inflation measured by the Index of Prices in Consumidor Amplio (IPCA). The goal of inflation in Brazil is located in 4.5% with two percentage points of tolerance. The market hopes that the Central bank of Brazil continues with the ascending cycle of rates until year end. For the economist head of the Bank Fator Doria, Jose Francisco of Gonalves Lima, is clear this tendency of the Central bank of Brazil: Creemos that the Central bank will in the middle continue lifting the rate percentage point, in its next meetings, until taking it to a level of 14.25% to end of year.


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