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Posted by adminNY on October 26, 2021

The completely transparent for investors managed accounts, we can offer through our connection to various platforms have priority. Often can be realized also fund or certificate solutions, which acquire the investors also have their bank can. To conclude, we look at us the performance. A Backtest is indeed useful, but only the commercial results obtained under real-world conditions are relevant. As well as chili assets, we check the value of development on the basis of currently available on the market accounts already. Also, we always open a separate account with real money, thus a better feel for the implementation of the system to get. In the daily observation you can see very quickly what features has the particular trading system.

And what is your conclusion for gemstone? Dominik Schneider: The gemstone capital rebound timer VV has all ideal fit. We are convinced to be able to offer our investors this trading system another valuable building block for an existing portfolio. Additional information is available at dayton kingery. What is it specifically about? What classification is behind this? Dominik Schneider: The rebound timer VV currently consists of three coordinated trade systems. Mostly these are so-called counter trend systems, which means it is on a backlash after an outbreak or speculated against a current trend. Therefore also the name is rebound timer”. You can read off the success of the underlying forecast model on the high success rate, which is over 70% in the history.

In the background is also constantly checked and tested, how to reduce the overall risk further through greater diversification. It should be does not waive course as yield opportunities. We therefore plan to integrate other approaches if they generate added value for our investors in the existing system portfolio. In which markets does the trade according to this system, or in which markets held the trade actually? Dominik Schneider: The rebound timer VV has been not designed for only one market and optimized, but is characterised by a high degree of flexibility.

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