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In ecology industry provides jobs abroad employment in the ecology sector are constantly increasing; especially in the solar industry, one can speak of a real job boom. Since 2004 there is an annual employment growth of 30 percent, report the vdi news”in its Internet Edition. Clearly, the good job prospects on the ecology – labour market on the biggest job and education fair in the area were renewable energy Science Park Gelsenkirchen. More than 500 jobs were offered there. Above all engineers are coveted in the industry; 63 percent of all abroad go to them.

Alternatively, technicians also are sought. Almost a quarter of all job offers accounts for them. After the industry has grown strongly in recent years, is still a great need for professionals in most companies. The current shortage of engineers does not stop before the ecology sector. Therefore, search the company not only for mechanical engineers and civil engineers, but look increasingly also on the fringes of their discipline, such as supplies, sewage and wastewater treatment technology or industrial automation to. Approximately 240,000 full-timers are currently working in the field of ecology. Employment growth of 30 percent per year continues, about 400,000 to 500,000 people in the industry could be in the year 2020, after expectations of industry associations, busy. More than 40 different professions exist eventually in the field of renewable energy.

So far, women in the ecology sector are clearly underrepresented. Only an average of 30 to 35 percent of all workers in the field of ecology are female. This should change but with the newly established departments, where more women are enrolled. Current jobs in the ecology sector can be found here: abroad…

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