Electricity Costs

Posted by adminNY on October 28, 2021

Compare tariffs worth consumers regularly complain about the steady electricity price rises in their energy suppliers. Who want to save should compare the tariffs of each electricity provider regularly, advises the consumer portal preisvergleich.de. A change of the energy supplier can significantly lower electricity costs. According to current surveys more than 20% of all German households have replaced since 2007 at least once their supplier with a cheaper provider. Connecticut gathered all the information. Consumers favor in electricity tariffs, which guarantee a price guarantee of half a year or more. However, the decision to change should not be made. The offered price guarantees in each case not helped avert a further increase of in energy prices. Without hesitation connecticut explained all about the problem.

Before a new contract is concluded, if possible, all components of the price, but at least the net price of electricity, should be secured. Consumers are lured by energy suppliers by often offered initial premiums and Exchange discounts. There is however to point out that this in most cases are granted only in the first year. This will be a credited on the first statement of the year. A change of the energy provider goes hand in hand with a long-term cost reduction, it is recommended to compare the respective basic and work rates of individual providers. Because the Exchange discounts of the first year fall away, the second billing cycle may again expensive. More information: news.preisvergleich.de/…/ Price guarantee – at current rates… Preisvergleich.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

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