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Posted by adminNY on April 03, 2018

I wanted to live close to nature and ecological and would rather abstain from alleged luxury, was to use happy simple oven heating and to attract me warmer in the winter for this. The House was not big but the garden be so I me could even provide in an emergency and normally just enjoyed my own vegetables and fruit. But life on the land was always priceless in Germany and also in other EU countries. The residents of small villages and communities were forced high costs for road renovation to pay street lighting, as well as water and wastewater connections – complete – created to partly on the residents without that could afford anybody and without local residents explicitly wanted these measures. These items came from the “top” was always so nice said the municipality would be required according to the EU This conditions are being fulfilled decisions and decisions of the Federal Government to have by the year XXXX. For many villagers, that power meant high levels of debt, because it could happen quickly that here within a short time 50,000 euros – were upwards, were no limits, which, if they could not be repaid, were registered as debt in the land, with an appropriate interest rate.

The people in the country were generally older and there were simple people, because hardly anyone defended himself but complained they still, she fell into depression or alcoholism, they thought that you could make anything, however, when it came “from above”. In the quiet, they thought perhaps that it should – be so otherwise would “that there above” Yes do it. Was also in all writing from the “Bevorteilten” speech, which the residents were meant. Some of which are here in Germany had fought and stood alone, had to pay then high legal fees, or was his perch by the police given.

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