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Posted by adminNY on September 02, 2016

The licitation was sent untimelily, Friday 29 of October, just before the bridge of 1 and 2 of November, with the presumed intention of which the interested participants wasted time of analysis. Being a nonstandard solution and for a key service that offers the Secretariat to the conationals in EEUUA, it is required that the offerers design specific and robust technical solutions. Nevertheless, the contest appears with the great pressure and tries to be adjudged the 17 of November; fulfilling hardly the minimum term that indicates the Law for this type of contests. It indicates that there would be some offerer who had access to the bases to be preparation with a solution and that the others could not obtain the same. The form in which the Chancellery tries to simulate a licitation to practically assign the service to a participant, through the manipulation of bases is coarse. Of this form, the efforts to develop licitation systems are in vain, since they do not control the technical aspect of the licitation that he is totally manipulable by the dependencies.

The Secretariat of the Public Function would have to take part to avoid the manipulation of the processes of acquisition of the Federal Government, otherwise the Secretary Fertile valley Squares, can be throwing the system Compranet 5,0 to the sweepings. In this case, one is the Secretariat of Outer Relations, that published the bases of licitation 00005003-007-10, to contract the program of appointments MEXITEL through a contact center. The contest has initiated vitiated of origin, to the being sent in the long weekend eve of 2 of November, with terms accelerated adjudging of way express and with a technical design that it disqualifies a priori to the majority of the gunners. As if the contest were designed to favor to carrier instead of a center of contacts. Besides limiting the time to respond to the bases of licitation, these clearly they are influenced by carrier, since requirements estableen that limit clearly the participation of a contact center in case same.

Nevertheless, the licitation seems to be slanted for Axtel by facts as evident as to solicit that the bidding one counts on certification 27,000. This is not a necessary certification for a contact center, but she is one that acquired Axtel recently. On the other hand, elementary questions are omitted that the service of Mexitel like the qualification has and has at the moment supported in site. With a tried saving of 10 billions of pesos, the Secretary Fertile valley Squares announced in past October a new version of Compranet. In its fifth version, this tool of purchases has evolved to offer to the government suppliers a transactional system that offers major transparency and fairness in the contests and for the dependencies of the Federal Government, majors savings. The transparency in the information is important, but the system is still of being able to control the techniques used by the people in charge of the acquisitions within each organization to negotiate with suppliers by outside the tool and armoring its selection in spite of Compranet.


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