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Posted by adminNY on January 14, 2018

As ultimate goal a single tobacco tax system that should lead to prices was aimed at pages of the Federal Ministry of finance at EU level by Austrian side. To facilitate this, also the tobacco control automation is suspended until further notice by the BMF within Austrian. By other measures, i.e. the legal admissibility of paid advertising and in the newsstand or an extension of the supporting article catalogue towards drinks sought also from the side of politics to put appropriate compensatory measures. “These accompanying measures were us are on economic side but rather than cosmetic” to call, because both sources of income will never reach a corresponding potential that can replace revenue through smuggling. Actually paid out claims by a total of 26.3 million were 64 million euro for the 2008/2009 nearly 64 million financing Trafikanten end 2009 for the period 2nd half of 2007-4.Quartal 2009 from. The basis for this not fully exploiting had a systemic and empirical grounds. Systemically it had moved a 5% clause by means of solidarity fund regulation, i.e.

that only 5% of Sales minus compared to base 2006 funding flowed. Empirically it faced, that the negative assumptions of a nationwide decline in sales were hitting through imports from the new EU Member States not to the extent as the second half of 2007 await with the fact. Prices 2008/2009 and the intervention of the 200-piece control facts created also, which reduced the remedies for grants from the solidarity fund. Excess funding or necessary means they criticized especially by the tobacco industry and tobacco wholesale excess funding”of the Solidarity Fund introduced in the course of the year 2009 for a discussion in the industry. Already at the beginning of this opinion-forming process, it was clear that a unilateral Solution against the professional representation of Trafikanten, and this 2010, would have been a more than unpleasant act before the Economic Chamber elections. Finally you agreed in the fall of 2009, between the Federal Ministry of finance and professional representation, that legally subjected to the doping of the solidarity fund by December 31, 2009, and the last third of the originally targeted total assumes 95 million up on another unused. At the same time increasing the margin in favor of Trafikanten slightly, which means a certain increase of the contribution from the tobacco for the entire industry over the coming years.

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