Five Gifts And Half Member Price The Ebookclub

Posted by adminNY on September 13, 2016

Special action of ebookclub until end of August 2009 the ebookclub aims at bringing together all those who read like ebooks or sell them. All members will receive for a short time every two months and five welcome gifts, membership at half price, monthly an ebook eBook press”as well as 50% discount on all products in the online store The ebookclub is not a book club in the traditional sense. He is a club for all those who read like ebooks or sell them. In the 2009 merger, all members receive five high-quality ebooks (worth about 100 euro) as welcome gift (the large import rest – and special post trade, successfully selling ebay professional primer, textiles and fashion items earn Guide, money easy,) as well as a monthly ebook, so 12 year, two of them with re-seller license. Every two months there are the periodically appearing ebookpresse”as inclusive free goods. In the various interesting information about ebooks, reseller or master seller projects are collected and the like. The electronic Magazine is the industry service for ebook readers and seller.

In addition, members receive 50% discount on all products that are sold at. Membership in the ebookclub euros 24 until August 31, 2009 just once a year, so not even eight cents on the day. Membership expires automatically after one year and if desired even extended may then be. The prices for those ebooks, the ebookpresse”and possible discounts amount to a multiple of the membership fee, by the way. From the 01.09.2009 the regular member price of 48 euro applies in the year. Registration and more information are available for those interested in.

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