Governmental Public Relations

Posted by adminNY on August 04, 2017

In this relation, the citizens are the reason to exist of the State and the responsible ones for choosing the government that, without the citizens, also would not have no utility. He enters the specific academic studies on the governmental public relations, is distinguished Cndido Teobaldo de Andrade. The author defines thus them: ' ' Governmental Public relations are the deliberated, designed effort, coeso and continuous of the high public administration, to establish to keep a mutual understanding between governed governing and. (Adaptation of the official definition of Public Relations of the ABRP). Or still, Governmental Public Relations are the action method that, through the dialogue designed and permanent between governed governing and, it looks to identify to the interest social' ' (ANDRADE, 1979:23). As the paper of the professional of public relations it is to manage the relationship of the organization with its public, none another professional so is qualified to work so that government and citizens if relate productively, therefore is this one of the main purposes of the State. According to Harwood L. Childs, in the Course of RRPP. given in the Getlio Foundation Vargas: ' ' all the governments must attempt against for these points capitals, that integrate an efficient program of Public Relations: ) to look to the cooperation of all the governmental citizens for the processes and regulations; b) to inform the citizens well on what it carried through in its I benefit and to ask for its participation in these activities so that they can cheat greaters benefits; c) to prevent the increasing complexity of the government system, demanding laws and reforms dictated for the necessities of the technique; d) to accept the Public Relations for the Government as essential point to the development of a solid politics, preventing itself it interference: of the partisan interests in the specific governmental functions; e) to demonstrate to the people that it has right the participation in the progress of the government, in its levels more elevados' '.


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