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Posted by adminNY on July 11, 2018

The availability and use plans (methods) of the control input products. NY Museums is the source for more interesting facts. The presence of insulators (special storage sites) marriage to an input of production. Evaluation of the results of input controls. The manufacturer must ensure input to output is not used and not treated before it is subjected to control or any verification of their compliance. Checking for compliance should be conducted in accordance with the quality and (or) the documented procedures. Verified the existence of documents (STF, instructions), which regulate the procedure for acceptance control for receiving evidence compliance of products manufactured to specified requirements. Program quality and (or) the documented procedures of the final inspection and testing shall require that all specified types of control tests, including both fixed time for acceptance of products, and in the process of production, were performed and the results were satisfactory. Issuing expert opinion. The results of the experts’ work drawn up by each member of the expert group in a report.

Expert organization keeps records of experts in the archive for the duration of the license. In the case of the expert group, all reports are summarized in the project the examination report, compiled by a leading expert on the records of members of the expert group. Draft expert opinion forms the basis for consultation and the decision to issue a positive or negative expert opinion. The customer is sent a copy of the draft examination reports. Comments on the draft examination reports may be directed by the customer in an expert organization in writing no later than 14 days after receipt of the draft. Decision to issue a positive or negative conclusion of the examination, based on consideration and analysis of documents obtained in the examination, inspection of the facility or necessary tests. With the positive conclusion of examination it lists the objects which are subject to the examination report with or without conditions. In the case of a negative conclusion Examining the object while it is in operation, an expert organization immediately notifies or its local office for prompt measures for the further operation of dangerous production facility. In the case of the decision to grant a negative examination reports must be submitted to the customer reasonable conclusions: – the need to finalize the submissions on the observations and proposals set out in the final report of the expert (a leading expert) – a non-manual examination object in view of the failure to enforce the requirements of radiation safety in the event of a decision on issuing the examination report negative customer has the right to submit materials for re-examination, subject to recycling, taking into account identified in the review comments. The order of examination in this corresponds to the case described above. In conclusion, we make conclusions. The questions: – about the content of documents for examination – the examination of technical assignments – holding Examining the state of technology – examination pok and quality plan – the examination procedures for testing and measurement – analysis of the input and acceptance control. The article may be useful as heads of organizations and personnel involved in manufacturing quality products.


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