Japanese Americans

Posted by adminNY on September 19, 2019

Young men and villains saw themselves very in Brazilian periodicals of the time of Vargas regarding as the great conflict of a war between. who age always portraied as the young men, the heroes were the Americans. The villains were the nazistas and the Japanese. Not only in periodicals, but also in comicses? who never read a comics of captain America? , in Hollywood and the TVs. What it was transferred to ocidente was only the prelude of what it would be the cold war, a constant manipulation of information. The second war nor was not won nor only stopped between Americans and Germans, or Americans and Japanese. The war was basically between the nazistas and the Ussr.

It was an obsession of Hitler in conquering the European east and eradicating the communism. This age so truth not only in the declarations of Hitler, but in the union between the nazistas and the fascists, until the efforts of ' ' Barbarossa&#039 operation; '. Without speaking that 20% of the troops German were to the front of the east. The nazistas had placed its bigger troop and its bigger warlike armory in European east, more than causing 20 million deaths in the Soviet Union. Whereas in the side west it was not used as many troops German, I ruin but it enormous had to the unpreparedness and the negation for the fear of the others two powers, France and England, to have a catastrophe of the dimension of world to war i. still the responsible greater for the ending of the war was not the United States. The Americans if had all kept the time far from the war, limiting themselves to distribute it resources for the powers in danger? the American people did not accept the participation of the United States in this conflict. has who says that the proper American government was negligent, therefore expected that Germany engolisse the Soviet union.


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