Jose Willian

Posted by adminNY on March 28, 2019

Then the great interest of U.S.A., without a doubt, is to obtain the oil since it is a country that although to be a great producer also it is the consuming greater, arrives to aconsumir 94% of what it produces. With the small excess a great risk runs to suffer with the product lack, from there this can be one of the reasons of the occupation in Iraq, however they allege other reasons as to become Iraq in a democratic country and a republic. Please visit New York Museums if you seek more information. In case that she had the lack of the oil in the United States would be one strong crisis, therefore the same she would be necessary to import product and she would be depending on other countries where she produces As they do not want this, is better to use strategies to conquer territories that they possess what they want to find it. As Huntington studies demonstrates that this globalizado world already more does not admit that an only power exists to dominate the world. The States world and the reality of each nation if it comes across with the changes of economic domain, politician and power.


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