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Posted by adminNY on April 10, 2019

Good pay plays while a large role but is not the main feel good factor in the workplace in Munich, October 24, 2011: ever nice colleagues, the nicer the job: most Germans a good working environment is more important than pay or career. This is the result of a recent online survey of Personaldienstleisters unique. Fun, content or colleagues what is the most important part of the work? “: this issue could be voted on for a month.” For about half of the respondents are most important factors such as collegiate or professional fulfillment. The content alone does not make happy: A fair payment is also still of high importance, but the job satisfaction will be measured not only through the merit. This shows the voting result in the multiple choice survey on the Web site of unique personnel service: for the majority of workers (40 percent) is the main thing to understand well with colleagues.

The meaningfulness of the employment and the opportunity this to realize, are highly valued a: as long as the work as fulfilling is experienced, all is well, 24 percent of respondents emphasize anyway. One-third of participants (36 percent), however, defines the satisfaction at work mainly on the content. That shows the results of our survey, work to reduce not only on material aspects can create pleasant working atmosphere, but social and personality-forming factors are less important for the workers. This is important to consider when it comes to creating a positive work environment”, says Marcus Schulz, Managing Director of unique personal service. As you feel more comfortable in the workplace, the lower is the risk and the motivation, so the unique Chief Executive was higher.

Of course, a good payment for the job satisfaction is also important. Dumping wages and the erosion of health and work ethic are counterproductive. Also the Personnel services branch is here paused to appreciate the work of people with minimum wages and collective agreements”, more so Schulz.

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