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Not so best thing about today and how were these problems and conflicts in the future avoid. In most cases, those affected know best what should look like an ideal scenario for them personally. This a common vision for the new software solution can be derived, which is carried through the entire team. 4. Requirements on software and processes you have a vision for the new software solution and also the current processes are well known to you.

Now it says this knowledge on the selected software solution to apply and to define that adapts to the company-specific processes. 5. Test run and preparation date which has software supplier signalled to you, that he could put all desired adjustments. Now it says to start a first test run with a selection of test users. It shows only in the practical test if the theoretically proposed changes and practical work. At this point, it can certainly happen that corrections are necessary, the manufacturer must implement before the software is used by all employees.

Parallel to the test run of the software also the launch date should be well prepared. Advance information are useful to all employees who inform them about the current state of implementation and wake up the anticipation for the new. At the accompanying assistance should be organised during the implementation phase, such as training, support lines, or specially trained contact person. Central aim should be safety, to provide technical support and appreciation. 6. Support and help for time / to control with the roll-out of the software solution to all employees the most exciting phase begins. Now shows whether all that has borne fruit planning and design. Despite the testing phase can occur again difficulties, which occur only in the life-mode for days. They must react to then adequately. 7 Conclusion of the project should be scheduled after the successful software implementation time for a summary. Achieved the objectives formulated at the beginning of the project? What can we learn from the project for future projects? And last but not least, a thank you to all involved in the project by the Board of Directors is attached. This, not the project completion should be abused just to announce the next major project or even to initiate. Thus, you would deny the hard work of all parties involved proper acknowledgment. _ Doppler, k. and Lauterbourg, C. (1994), change management. Frankfurt am main et al., S. 205 m Lewin, K. (1951) Field theory in social science. New York: Harper & row. The hand game GmbH, Leipzig specializes in usability and the moderation of software processes.

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