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Posted by adminNY on July 21, 2014

Available in the optical specialists. Polaroid eyewear Polaroid eyewear is market leader in the field of optics and lens technology, manufactures high-quality polarization glasses and sells worldwide modern sunglasses with polarizing filter, optical frames, reading glasses, Clip-Ons, high-quality, circular polarized 3D glasses, as well as licensed sunglasses brands. Polaroid eyewear has a worldwide, exclusive license for the brand Polaroid with the licensor of PLR IP Holdings, LLC, the owner of the brand Polaroid. Polaroid eyewear has offices in the United States, GB, of Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Russia, China and the Netherlands. In addition, the company has a nationwide network of distributors around the globe. Polaroid eyewear is part of the globally active StyleMark group, which in addition to the brand Polaroid the brand Hello Kitty, Jones of New York, Disney, Panama Jack and Revlon marketed. More information on the Internet on: polarization light spreads wavy in all directions out of three-dimensional space. The vertical units provide information useful to the human eye and thus allow detecting colors and contrasts, while horizontal swinging light causes more optical noise or glare.

When light strikes a reflective surface such as water, reflected it mainly in a horizontal plane, resulting in a high concentration of dazzling light. This circumstance, in which they let through vertical light, block the horizontally swinging glare, however, use polarization filter. This polarizing sunglasses by Polaroid the following benefits: glare-free vision sharp contrasts in natural colors is constantly increasing as more and more consumers discover the benefits of glare-free vision for less effort for the eyes 100% UV protection the demand for polarizing glasses. Thermal fusion technology the thermal fusion technology is an innovative method developed by Polaroid eyewear for high-quality, polarizing glasses. This technology is applied to produce by Polaroid UltrSight glasses.

This is the polarizing filter is optimally protected in the middle of the multi layer construction and each lens with high precision shaped and glued. In contrast, the optical quality of the glass may be affected in conventional injection molding and vacuum moulding during manufacturing. The thermal fusion technology creates eyeglass lenses, which are optically flawless and extremely efficient block blinding light. In addition to 100% UV protection up to 400nm they offer an improved scratch resistance and high resistance also. We support as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, innovation and technology is an official sponsor and supplier of PlanetSolar Polaroid eyewear. This groundbreaking project aims to promote the potential of renewable energy sources with a boat trip around the world only with the help of solar energy.

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