New York General Meeting

Posted by adminNY on December 17, 2020

It abandoned the school in the fifth series, was bootblack and was to work as laborer to the 14 years. At the beginning of the career he lost a finger in a lathe, in virtue of an accident occurred in the turn of the night, in a plant of autopeas. Years later tornouse leader syndical respected internationally. This because in full military regimen, the strikes were illegal, but it defied the generals and the masters and harness practically paralyzed it of the state of So Paulo, the region of the ABC, on behalf of the accused. But the years if had passed and this bold syndicalist at last arrived not still at the top therefore knows that it ambiciona much more, but very far for that boy of 7 years who arrived in So Paulo in one wood-of-ploughs.

Consolidating its ascension in one General meeting of the ONU in New York, was not on the charm of Barak Obama or dictators as Mahmoud Almadinejad, of Ir and Hugo Keys of Venezuela, but yes on the biggest star of the meeting that the searchlights if had concentrated, Incio Luis Lula da Silva who exactly after 8 years of tumultuated exercise continues with a increditvel tax of around 70% of approval. On it still president Obama said, in the cimeira of the G20 in London, ' ' Thats my man' ' still completed ' ' The politician most popular in terra' '. But as he said before, not yet it is the end. The things can move as he himself likes to say citing Raul seixas, ' ' I am a metamorphosis ambulante' '. In the exterior it today has little similarity with the man rudimentary of 30 years, or behind same for the politician who if became in years 80 and 90. The old black cacheado hair and a dishevelled beard, now is aparada carefully and the well cut hair. Instead of surradas t-shirts of mouth-wide work and jeans, &#039 is dressed well in tender beauties to size.; ' The man who arrived saying that it assumed the position to improve the luck of the Brazilian poor persons, is convinced that Brazil has the mission to transform mundo' '.

E it has taken this the serious one. Freud pointed out that the myths show one ' ' conscientious ignorance and an unconscious wisdom. The myth is symbolic, occults and discloses simultaneously. The necessary human being of these two systems of apprehension of the reality to survive emotionally. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Safatle, Vladimir; Freud as theoretician of blocked modernity Vladimir Safatle? Victory: Federal university of the Espirito Santo, Nucleus of Open Education and in the distance, 2010.


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