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Posted by adminNY on April 27, 2020

Perennials expert Hermann Grone relaunches Web site of the Garden Designer and writer Hermann Grone photographed perennials for 15 years with great enthusiasm. He presented these pictures interested on his website. Virtual tours, by slide show, Panorama films or as spectacular macro work, 550 garden photos and portraits of perennials are presented on the Web site. Hermann Grone provides publishers and editors for sale. An amazing performance of multi talent, whose areas form the planning, design and execution of private, company gardens and parks. The friendly cooperation between initial interactive and Hermann Grone is already in its tenth year. Leg of recent relaunch was made the site on the ini-i editorial system.

The intuitive system allows more topicality and drastically reduces the occurrence of errors when creating new pages. Special highlights of the garden Grone page are a high-performance search tool, in addition to a full-text search in the articles also do a search in the image database provides. In addition, visitors can see specially put together slide shows in high-resolution. Hermann Grone about initial interactive: that was a very lucky, more than 10 years ago, Torsten Matschiess and Dirk Opdenplatz, the Managing Director of initial interactive, to authorize the construction of my Web pages. The sites are a success story in the my industry and helped in particular my theoretical work and my growth as a photographer. In this way: Thank you to Dusseldorf. The garden Grone Web page can be found here: questions please contact: Torsten Macdonald initial interactive gmbh Schinkel str.


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