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Posted by adminNY on April 21, 2020

Plastic bottles are a disaster, 2.4 million tons of plastic PET discarded every year – how can we prevent this outrage on Earth? Perhaps many of us should build houses out of plastic bottles, which will be much cheaper to build and surprisingly, they will be strong enough. Now we consider the 14 construction projects from plastic bottles, which set themselves goals such as constructing houses, schools, greenhouses, houses and walls. 1. EcoARK Exhibition Hall, Taiwan is very easy to prove that there are many ways for recycling plastic waste, an example can serve as a project engineer Arthur Huang of Taiwan, which obrabotal1800 thousands of used plastic bottles in the form of honeycomb ‘bricks’ for navicular showroom called EcoARK. EcoARK exhibition hall was built in just a third of the total costs of conventional structure. Additional information at Danny Meyer supports this article.

Huang also plans to use this concept to build warehouses and military barracks. 2. La Casa de Botellas (House of the bottles), Argentina Family Alfredo Santa Cruz from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, created their home almost entirely of thousands of plastic bottles. Walls, tables, platform beds – even the staircase that leads to the front door, made of plastic bottles. The structure features of Tetra-pack roof and windows are made from the skins of the CD-ROM drive. In addition to the main house, a family even built a small playhouse for their daughter. 3.

Echo Park, El Zamorano, Honduras, Echo Park, El Zamorano in Honduras, not only offers fun horseback riding, but also a number of structures, built from plastic bottles. Company Eco-Tec, has built many houses out of plastic bottles is practically across the United States, 8.000 bottles used to complete construction of the park ‘Eco House’; other structures out of plastic bottles made to order same criteria include the construction of greenhouses and a copy of a Roman aqueduct. 4. School from plastic bottles, the Philippines you can imagine such a structure, built from plastic bottles, and which can not be very strong, sometimes it can really be true, but not this school is located in San Pablo, Philippines. Illac Diaz Foundation and MyShelter filled 1.5-2-liter bottles of water and soda water with bricks, and the result is that such construction is 3 times stronger than concrete. 5. Bottle wall restaurant Morimoto, New York In this case, the use of plastic bottles were more designer setting, rather than attempt to be ‘green’ – and the beauty of this Design once again proves that one man trash is someone else’s fashionable to focus at an expensive restaurant. ‘Bottle wall’ restaurant Morimoto in New York, was designed by architect Tadao Ando, who used a 17.

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