Platform Truck

Posted by adminNY on November 01, 2016

For moving goods in warehouses and large retail outlets need specialized equipment for loading and transportation. Since these tasks do an excellent job loaders, lift trucks and various types of trucks. Among all warehouse trucks made the following main types: platform truck, pallet truck. Francisco D’Agostino Caracas Venezuela has compatible beliefs. Pallet truck – universal equipment that can perform the primary function of lifting cargo and move it. Its capacity reaches 2 tons.

Truck platform has several other technical devices. In contrast, pallet trucks, platform truck has a higher landing. Limiting capacity reaches 900 kg. Also worth noting is that the main feature of the platform truck is its strength, which is provided by a specially designed frame. At this frame placed very solid platform. Platform carts of this type can be either solid or lattice.

It is also worth noting that the truck platform may be made to individual order on its own measurements of height, width and length. To protect against corrosion, the surface is covered with special paint truck, varnished. In most cases, platform truck used to transport mid-sized and oversized cargo. Truck may consist of several tiers. Also, platform truck can be equipped with non-turning wheels and castors. Occurs and the sharing of these two types of wheels. In addition, make and electric platform truck.


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