Prevention Of Cardiovascular Disease .

Posted by adminNY on July 19, 2018

Cardiovascular disease is presently the main factor of mortality in Russia. In the last decade, the level of heart and vascular diseases has increased threefold, and the mortality rate increased by two and a half times. In consequence This is crucial prevention of these diseases. You can offer five simple components for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. 1) Giving up smoking and tobacco products "Smoking and the use of other tobacco products is one of the main factors for the risk of heart disease and cardiac systems.

It should immediately stop using tobacco in any form. This is an important component of protection against Problems with the heart and blood vessels. 2) Physical Activity! Regular physical activity, whether it's daily morning jog or charged, will reduce the risk of disease. The main thing in this business continuity. 3) Eating Healthy edy.Produkty with minimal fat, cholesterol and salt must be your main diet. To do this, keep a diet of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products with low fat that can help protect the heart. 4) Maintain an optimal weight organizma.V adulthood is usually weight gain is not muscle mass, and fat, so you must constantly monitor the condition of your weight, as excess weight can lead to conditions that increase your chances of heart disease – high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. 5) Regular medical examinations "should be regularly checked on the level of cholesterol, since its increase might lead to damage to the heart and blood vessels.

Inspection will tell you whether there is cause for concern or not. In addition to these components can be added and the rest in sanatorium system. Especially rest and treatment in sanatoria on the profile of cardiovascular diseases in particular in sanatoria of Kislovodsk. Most resorts resort town of Kislovodsk offer for holidaymakers highly skilled personnel and quality equipment for the analysis of cardiac and related diseases and treatment of these diseases. In addition, in sanatoria of Kislovodsk offers take courses of treatment and prevention of those diseases that lead to the problems of the cardiovascular system, for example: metabolic syndrome, diabetes and other cardio-vascular diseases is the basis for reducing the overall level of Mortality from these diseases in Russia.


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