Posted by adminNY on July 17, 2018

From early on I learned to track the REM phase. So-called well-known in the science phase of rapid eye movements. It was at this point, people have dreams. Additional information is available at NYC Mayor. And see themselves at the time of this phase – the whole art. But first we must understand where we are dedicated to what we want to come in the end. Why be aware of oneself in the REM phase? State of REM phase for brevity, prosonochnym.

It is a condition in which I already knew that awake, but still continue lie down with eyes closed and did not give attention to switch to the 'external'. Instead, try to use 'internal' to the body dreams. Because in real life, we work with them do not know how. Thus, our task – to realize themselves prosonochnom state, so you can work with the body of the dream. First you need to bear this idea in my head. Constantly keep this in mind.

If your idea will strike a channel in a dream. And then you realize that sleep. A further matter of technology. To keep in prosonochnom state should not give the observer (it is the essence of your attention) shift in the real. Hold him in a dream. It is viewed similar to Qigong – 'where the focus is, there is Qi. " So, where attention – there you are. Hold it on prosonochnom state, and you will discover the wonderful world of out of body experience. At first it may start rumbling.


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