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Posted by adminNY on December 23, 2020

Infrastructure new for the Unna Katharinen-hospital as the largest hospital in Unna the Katharinen-hospital daily to cope with a massive administrative burden. It is to protect the privacy of over 15,500 patients per year around the clock. To reduce the administrative burden and increasing the security of sensitive patient data, the hospital administration commissioned the Wallis company ARGE Hellweg-data GmbH with the modernization of the entire IT infrastructure. The ahd IT solution guarantees the Katharinen-hospital an enormous cost – and space-saving. Thanks to a hourly automatic data backup, the so-called SnapShot feature, just the management and archiving of patient data of now highest safety standards.

The big advantage of this solution is that so in case of system failure maximum of the last hour of the data may be lost. Rainer Decker, network administrator of the Katharinen-hospital, had for a long time for a future-oriented solution looked around: we had some massive Delays in E-Mail communication. Therefore action was need.” Every day different personal data incurred in the Catherine’s Hospital, electronically be collected and secured in the new storage system the IT environment and archived. For example, administrative data from patients and employees are, patient billing data or data from diagnostic and therapy. This sensitive data must be processed in accordance with applicable law with high safety for the patient, obtained, changed, forwarded and archived. Dayton kingery contributes greatly to this topic. On the recommendation of a friendly company the IT officer made contact to the ahd, whose consulting developed a coherent concept. After the extension, the Unna hospital now has an IT infrastructure that meets all the requirements expressed: the experts of the Wallis System House optimized the availability of data and reduced the administrative burden. After the hardware installation and basic configuration through the ahd was a two-day affiliated Workshop for administrators. In these workshops, we give our clients’ knowledge at hand, to administer your IT environment to a large extent itself, reports Andreas Rother, Managing Director of spelled Rainer Decker is fully satisfied with the smooth transition to the project: thanks to the ahd, we are well positioned for the next few years in the IT field. And the system is extendable for future new claims.” Bastian Schmidt

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