Santa Catarina

Posted by adminNY on November 06, 2016

Seeing is extended for poder.' ' (COLLOT, 1990:27) To observe the contours of the convivncia with the way to a large extent consists of a etnogrfico work of impressions of the experimentation human being. Easily the human phenomenon of the experimentation is neglected and normally they are tied to the human work that marks the landscape. This action human being on the nature, the work, seems to perhaps comfort in consequence of an academic economicista vision or a thought occidental person who permeia the constructions human beings and not really the man. (TUAN, 1980) To construct a reflective look on the place, with its meanings cultural and personal, and to understand the elements of the landscapes, she is one of the main attributions of the professor when to deal with the environment. Remembering that the understanding of the culture, the society, the nature and all is essential the elements that compose the experience of the human being. Knowing the Place: General characterization of the City of Joinville Located north-eastern of the State of Santa Catarina, the city of Joinville possesss the biggest number of inhabitants in the state, with approximately 460.000. Characterized as the third industrial polar region of the South of Brazil, in a region that produces 13.6% of the global GIP of the State. It is placed in strategical point of access to the Mercosul.

2618&#039 is situated in the Latitude; S and Longitude 4850' W gr. The altitude of the headquarters is of 4,5 m above sea level. The area of the city is of approximately of 1.081, 70 km (IBGE) and of 1.135, 05 km (IPPUJ). The city possesss a humid subtropical climate. With annual average Temperature: 20,5 C. maximum average Temperatures of summer January: 28,5 C and averages of the winter July: 14 C. Has in the region microclimates associates the intense downtown urbanization, and the proximity with the Mountain range of the Sea.


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