Silvia Sarsano

Posted by adminNY on December 07, 2020

The limbs came from like they conceived like a homogenous universe; the kind of work had to embrace all the within and being in a position to being involved every dimension of living and feeling totally. Endell says of Berlin end of 18th century: “…I will only speak about the modern city, than, like structure, made only little exceptions, it is awful. The houses are COSE as a cry, nevertheless they are dead, the roads and the public squares, herzinsuffizienz sufficient for the practical requirements of life, come untied with squalid monotony, without variety without to move in the space. One can walk long hours through the new Berlin and always feel that you remained stopped at the departure point. All it appears identical, all has the same form, in spite of the various noises, the contrasts between passings. Nevertheless, so here in this grey heap of stones, palpitates beauty. So here is the nature, here is the landscape. Changing of the time, of the sun, of the rain, transforms of the fog in beauty this desperate squalor.

“.” Croce Taravella exceeded this negative image of the city in order to probably give them back to ancient role of “place” in the years to the historical city sense regarding the metropolis given in these contemporary from French anthropologist Marc eye who said, “not-places” are the anonymous spaces of the state of being contemporary in which time and space coordinates are cancelled. Places are not the freeways, the roadside cafes, the tourist villages, the amusement park, the airports, the hotel chains, those spaces that do not succeed to affect our identity neither on our relationship nor with the others. Those anonymous and impersonal spaces that ignores our artist, trying to give back to the historical city its ancient spirit date from the colours and the matter that all confuses with homogenously that inner life leaves to leak out pulsing. Perhaps he is so on the gasping in search of the ideal city which we all aspire…always. Infantellina contemporary I-C is the first and only Berlin Gallery which presents 100% Italian contemporary art.

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