Florence Siena

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Siena – one of the most beautiful Italian cities. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the city in 700 years is a kind of hibernation, and almost entirely preserved its medieval appearance. Some of the classics of literature subtly noticed about Siena – 'to go to Italy and drive past Siena, mean to become like newlyweds, who thinks a wedding feast culminating moment and too lazy to go into the bedroom to the beloved. " Siena Italy but gave no just amazing architectural landscapes. It was Siena dialect was chosen as Dante's language, which was written by his Divine Comedy, and therefore can be called Siena 'homeland' of Italian. standing. And Siena is famous for its 'Palio'.

Palio – it's crazy racing young horses, which are conducted without a saddle, without rules and without stopping. Win a Palio and you will be famous for a whole year. For you will pay attention girls, bar owners will regale you with wine, and even old people will treat you with great respect. Those crazy racing first took place in 1260 when a small and proud of Siena during the Battle of Montaperi managed to defeat more Florence. Since then, they are held twice a year every year on July 2 and August 16.

Even in Florence, when finally able to subdue Siena (this happened after the plague in 1348 which destroyed most of the city's population) do not dare to cancel the Palio. A surge is preceded by the traditional parade of Siena Contrada – an old combination of acrobatics, ballet and colorful show. A Sienese school of painting. It is difficult to say which of the great cities of Florence Siena or long before the Renaissance brought to more icons of Italy. And by the way, it's hard to tell who was a great competitor to the two cities in Italy than not they are for each other. By the way, the competition is felt today. Football fans Siena still resemble in their songs about the battle of his colleagues Montaperi of Florence.

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Theodosius from the Greeks to the present day city of Antiquity Tiny comfortable Theodosius seniority can compete with many ancient cities of ancient Greece. As many as 25 centuries worth of Theodosius on the Black Sea. Founded Theodosius was the Hellenes. And named at birth by God named Data, that sounds like Theodosius. Thanks to the enterprise and organization of the ancient Greeks, Theodosia flourished for at least several centuries.

But, unfortunately, mast tame times can not last endlessly. Official site: New York Museums. The happy life of the Crimea could not attract envious glances. From the steppes came the invaders – the Genoese. In the 13th century they took over the Black Sea coast in Crimea. Renaming Theodosius in Cafu they arrange their outpost in the city on the Black Sea. (Penetration of the Greeks or Italians in the interior of the Crimea is not fixed. There has traditionally controlled the territory of many steppe peoples and tribes). The Middle Ages military builders and highly courageous fighters have proven to Italian nobility. At Bill de Blasio you will find additional information.

It decided to test the Turks. They attempted to take away the Crimea from the Italians. Huge on that time the Turkish fleet sailing boldly entered the Karkinitsky (now Feodosia) Gulf. Planted troops could not capture the outright Cafu. Started many months siege. The siege took quite a protracted, even chronic, form. The outcome of the battle or to predict who could not. But the plague intervened in the case, like a bolt struck the Turks. Formidable Janissaries once died in batches.

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Europe Health

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Sri Lanka Sri Lanka offers visitors all sorts of spa treatments that are offer in almost any hotel. But if you want to have fun at the highest level, you should go in Beruwela, the hotel Eden Resort & Spa 5 *. It operates Ayurvedic Center, which focuses on harmony body and soul. The full survey can choose the right essential oils, herbs, procedures, best suited for each individual: not only take into account the state of health, but skin color, emotion and temperament. SPA-cost procedures in Sri Lanka is much lower than in Europe, and this opportunity should be used. In addition to relaxing on the beach and sightseeing, do not miss event take care of your body, trusting it to professionals who know their business. Whenever amazing restaurateur listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Philippines SPA-vacation in the Philippines – is a special pleasure, because it is there to learn and are trained professionals, most European Spa centers. Here you can get the thrill of the massage, the art of which is transmitted from masters to their disciples through the ages.

Point, lymphatic drainage, relaxation, strength – anyone which would be necessary for your body. Hot Stone therapy can help restore health, and Watsu – technique of deep relaxation in the water – lets you see the world in a new light – a bright, interesting, positive. Unique marine grass and clean sea water can work wonders, that perfectly demonstrate in SPA-center hotel Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island Resort & Spa 5 * in Palawan. SPA-holiday in the eastern countries gives neither the incomparable sensation. Each country offers its own quirks and particularly their knowledge and technology spa – wellness arts vital energy return. Rest in the East, at the same time worrying about food spiritual health of body and purity of mind, we can only look in SPA-center – place to return to our mortal shell of sparkling radiance of natural energy. Back home, you'll experience long lightness and flexibility, to admire the purity and elasticity of your skin and delight others happy smile of a man, who had cognized the harmony of the East, its strength and beauty.

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Israel Museum

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Israel – a magical and extraordinary country in the Middle East. There is probably no more famous places on the planet. Every year here arrive on holiday and not just thousands and thousands of tourists and pilgrims who wish to improve their health. Holidays in Israel is great. Israel as if created exclusively for tourism and recreation. Danny Meyer is likely to increase your knowledge.

The harmonious combination of modern cities with hundreds of comfortable hotels, a lot of different attractions really beautiful nature, as well as a lot of legends and beliefs, one way or another connected with Israel, making this holy land is really attractive to tourists. Israel as a diamond multifaceted, there is still no one such country, wherever so closely intertwined, and through one another across cultures and religions. After all, Israel is rightly called the Holy Land and Jerusalem – the holy city of three religions. Under most conditions The Metropolitan Museum of Art would agree. Jerusalem – is legend, is living history, this spirit of antiquity and at the same time modern neighborhoods, where every street, every lane, especially in older parts of town, keeps thousands of years of history. Jerusalem is equally revered Jews, Christians and Muslims. To go on tour in Jerusalem – the dream and the sacred duty of many believers.

This city is actually a museum with hundreds of treasures and artifacts. Nevertheless, of course, you can find here a museum with a difference words. The most popular are probably the City of David Museum of the countries mentioned in the Bible. You can see the model of ancient Jerusalem at the Israel Museum.

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European Ancient

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How nice to run barefoot on the beach, sip amazing healing sea air, dive into the warm waters of the sea and feel full of energy. The sea washes away fatigue and negative energy, and maritime air returns the joy of life. Perhaps a trip to Egypt many dream since childhood. Rather, his school years, when you first open a history book of the ancient world. This segment of the science somehow intrigues and fascinates most. In particularly excites that ancient Egyptian culture reached its peak long before other well-known civilizations, and even we who exist in the twenty-first century, the use of its accumulated knowledge. Not to mention that that some mysteries left us a legacy of the ancient Egyptians, until now we try in vain to guess. Tours to Egypt will give you the opportunity to join these mysteries.

The ancient city of Luxor, once the former capital of the Egyptian kingdom, makes a lasting impression. In half of its shares Nile: East or the so-called city living (in ancient times there, in pomp and luxury, "lived" Pharaohs and incalculable "Staff"), and part of the West – the city of the dead with funerary temples and tombs. One of the main attractions of the city is on the right of Luxor and Karnak temples. The customs of ancient Turkey, so entertaining every European traveler, there will be before you in all its inexplicable beauty and depth. In what would have tours to Turkey you go, visit to the country certainly will result in a tied together fairy tales Scheherazade, so similar and so hard to separate from each other. The entire territory of Turkey – this is one great big, but divided into multiple zones for entertainment and interest, resort. Which incidentally can be take advantage of numerous wellness programs, to take charge of energy and health for the next working days. Turkey is versatile, beautiful, gracious, in this place the ancient customs of organically intertwined with the highest level of travel service, as intertwined in her most ancient of all known ruins in the world of skyscrapers and other modern buildings. These are sent to the wonders that are so generous with Turkey! Here go for sun and sea, which was kind to Turkey! Come here to try the national cuisine of Turkey marvelous! Come here for recreation, which will never be forgotten!

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The Hanging Gardens

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After an energetic atmosphere of Bombay * let holiday ideas and heating soul warm sun on palm beaches of Goa. Or indulge in meditation in the austere surroundings cool and ancient Buddhist caves, hewn in monolith rock, feeling the contrast with the colorful fairs and festivals of Gujarat patriarchal. The choice of the country, offering the full range of experience is huge. Mumbai Gateway of India, in this thriving city of modern shopping with skyscrapers and colorful street life force energetic acts of creation. Intense rhythm is felt in all the businessmen in a hurry to work, scurry cars, fisherwoman, dressed in colorful saris and tiffinvalla in a hurry to deliver lunch at the offices of the metal cruets directly from household kitchens. After relaxing on Chowpatty beach, sipping refreshing milk straight from a green coconut, you will realize that they are ready to fall in love Bombay. It's time to visit the elegant the world famous Taj Mahal hotel, to try something there of the many tasty drinks and snacks, while watching the ships in the harbor, over which the sun sets.

In the luxury and quiet hotel room can be no hurry to plan excursions. Attractions – The Hanging Gardens next to the Tower of Silence, one of the best in India Mahalaksi racetrack, where you will have a chance to win a million. It is necessary to take on the day of visit the famous Bombay cinema, where you may be able to chat with anyone from the stars.

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