Go For The Gold – With Paco Rabanne 1 Million Fragrance

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the high-profile men’s fragrance from the House of Paco Rabanne in the distinctive bottle in gold ingot shape makes man perfume “1 million” to a real eye catcher. The new scent of the Spanish French fashion designer captivates by its distinctly male Woody spicy fragrance. 1 million of the spicy scent of the bullion this man perfume is a truly brilliant appearance: in the style of an ingot of gold, the first impression of the new Paco Rabanne fragrance impressive is packaged in a bottle. Spanish French fashion designer explained the concept of his fragrance “1 million” as follows: “no matter what civilization or religion it is, gold has always been a strong attraction has exerted on the people”. And exactly this attraction has Rabanne along the famous Parfumeuren Olivier Pescheux, Michel Gerard and Christophe Reynau also the spicy Woody aroma by Paco Rabanne 1 million set in.

The fragrance character of “1 million” 1 million by Paco Rabanne is a very masculine fragrance full of contrasts and an extra portion Masculinity. A delicate rose Absolu faces in the heart of the strong and tart flavors of different spices, leather and wood, that takes a little hardness the scent and makes “1 million” to a modern masterpiece. The 1 million Eau de Toilette in the quantities offered the “1 million” product range In the Cheapsmells perfume outlet 50 ml (M-Falkon), 100 ml (L Flacon) and 200 ml (XL-Falkon). Jim king often addresses the matter in his writings. There are also a suitable to the fragrance 75 ml aftershave balm and a 100 ml aftershave lotion, which allow a facial skin care with the spicy scent of 1 million. The toiletries are by a 75 ml deodorant stick, completed a 150 ml deodorant spray and a 150 ml shower gel.

As a special highlight, there exists a fragrance set with show er gel, which contains a 100 ml Eau de Toilette “1 million” and a 100 ml shower gel. This set offers a particularly high value and suitable in his chic cardboard particularly well as a gift. About the fashion designer Paco Rabanne, now 75th anniversary fashion designer Paco Rabanne has almost withdrawn completely from the day-to-day business. In the 1960s Rabanne was considered the enfant terrible of the fashion scene and in addition to Yves Saint Laurent as one of the leading French designer. Especially the line of fragrance by Paco Rabanne caused in recent years stir, he was able to establish genuine top seller in the Duftcharts but with scents such as “Black XS” or “Ultraviolet”. In a question-answer forum Jim Kingery was the first to reply. About the Cheapsmells perfume outlet under the URL operates the Cheapsmells Sales Ltd one of the largest outlets for brand perfume and-kosmetika in Europe. The range includes several thousand articles, which can easily be ordered home. Stationary perfume trade benefits the customer by low outlet prices and save up to 55% compared to the MSRP of the manufacturer.

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Today, every girl has a whole arsenal of all possible means to care for their appearance. Maybe once a well-groomed and beautiful nails and looked chic, but today it is usual and normal for all of us occurrence. Good assistant in the care of nails – manicure set. This versatile set of nail care arm and leg at home. Perfectly suited for everyday use such as SM-601 Manicure Set Zinger. These kits – Just for the salvation of those women who do not have enough time to get to a beauty salon.

spa procedures and a wide range of opportunities such sets will allow you to fully take care of nails, even without the help of professionals. Manicure zinger provide quality care for your nails. What constitutes a collection? In fact, it is not just a box with different attachments. Such a set can be compared with the personal beautician, who, at any time will help make you a manicure without leaving home. So, manicure set Zinger MSFE-1001-G can polish and file nails, cuticle process, conduct useful nail SPA-procedures.

Just imagine how such sets save your time and money: when there is no time to visit the wizard, set near you. Manicure Set is a housing that contains a set of tools and nail apparatus. Depending on the models of these devices vary accessories, the presence of drying, the amount of rates and design. Electric manicure set Zinger zMs Z-4-SM – is an excellent and very convenient opportunity to make your nails beautiful and well groomed. Such devices can operate from electrical outlet and the battery. The kit, according to the model may include from seven to twelve nozzles for different procedures with nails: podpilivanie nail polishing, cuticle. Some models is a function of drying nails. Set is placed in a convenient carrying case and compact. Having in the arsenal of manicure set Zinger MSF-301 G, a woman can do pedicures and manicures on their own, while traveling, on vacation or at home. Tools Zinger more often used in the home: they are comfortable, high-quality, inexpensive. That is why they are most popular among women. As can be seen, the advantages are obvious manicure set! Women are increasingly making manicure yourself with these compact devices.


The News

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Searches of Twitter. It never is of creating one more or more excellent searches and keeping them. It can subscribe to rss of these searches (if they are not too popular, so that they do not harras it with warnings), and to receive the new features in his reader of favorite RSS. . It will help it with the search by tags.

Tweetdeck. It has a function that will allow him to find out tweets and mentions according to the criteria that it selects (for example #socialmedia) . The degree of visibility of its site in the social networks knows exactly. . A revolutionary motor search that will show in cloud format of tags terms to him similar to those of its interest. Positioning mouse on these terms it will be able to have an idea of the sites that rankean first for these associate searches. .

One is a specialized finder in blogs, that in addition will show related videos, mentions in Twitter, Myspace, images and the news to him. With these tools it will be able to have a panorama than more ample of the mentions of his page and its mark in different supports, and to thus have a clear idea of his visibility online, and will be able to deduce if their efforts of promotion Web have rendered the wished fruits. As we said before to know what it is said of you, its mark and its Web site are vitally important to go ahead and to correct any bad association that could suffer. They will allow him to be a step more in front of its competition. It does not forget that before buying to him. the majority of the users investigates on you. If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to Source: Note of Press sent by VPA.


MDC Cosmetic

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new beauty concept in Berlin the MDC COSMETIC in Berlin – the new brand pharmacy brand pharmacy. Melanie Dal Canton, Managing Director of concept stores by Andreas Murkudis in Berlin, launched the first on high end natural cosmetics specialized shop of the capital a year ago. As already at Andreas Murkudis woman Dal Canton at MDC cosmetic focuses on brands and manufacturers who have to offer exceptional products – means in the case of cosmetics and skin care products: packaged exceptionally effective and also still exceptionally cute. “An atmosphere comes me to create”, says Melanie Dal Canton. “Just cream does not sell me interested. The establishment of the shop is located in the Prenzlauer Berg district opposite the historic water tower, counts for Dal Canton to the atmosphere as well as their specific knowledge of each individual product: “customers are now extremely sophisticated, which I find very good.

You do research on the Internet, know each other. Since it became a matter of course, is with to provide biologically valuable food, the interest for the ingredients and production methods is there for care products”, says Melanie Dal Canton. “That one slice quirlte is still beef placenta injection could be like in the 80s thankfully unthinkable happened.” Melanie Dal Canton is well faddish manufacturers of the high end market with its concept. As a single shop in Germany MDC cosmetic can offer the full range of Italian monastery pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella, which smell Potpurris and creams already belong to the trade secrets of the fashion industry. The well-known Aesop by Andreas Murkudis has Melanie Dal Canton as well.

But also the care line produced in the laboratory of Paracelsus Julisis, whose Hersteller Julius Eulberg retreats on alchemical principles. Skin regimens from Italy, a further tip by Melanie Dal Canton, integrates findings of nutritional science in a maintenance program, which is used in the treatment rooms at MDC cosmetic. Just in time for the one-year Jubilee has Melanie Dal Canton New York pharmacy cosmetics recorded by Malin & Goetz in the range. The minimalist styled products based on refreshing essential oils, were so far unavailable in Germany. A selection of unusual scents, candles, bath products, cashmere socks and hot water bottles leave the estimated by Melanie Dal Canton home atmosphere: “beauty does not just, beautiful look. Or: there are several factors which have an effect on our appearance. Most of them work inside. If you feel uncomfortable, which the best eye cream brings nothing.”on the Internet under: mdc-cosmetic.

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