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Easter Hotel Special

Posted by adminNY on September 27, 2018
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Enjoy Easter in Munich – Kurzulaub rats on Easter already out the Sun and the flowers begin to sprout. Only a few days, then Easter at the front door. Who wants to spend Easter in another city, I can have a nice city trip the to Munich on the heart. The cocoon hotels have Easter back a great hotel created special. NY Museums understands that this is vital information. The city travelers can have equal free rein on Easter Sunday in two different hotel hotspots in Munich a check and the feelings not only in the hotel.

Are you enjoying Easter rather in the grass & with butterflies or the fragrant birch forest? In the cocoon lifestyle is something for every taste hotels. The recently opened hotel cocoon Stachus in Munich Centre with many colorful accessories & birch forests, where the eye can see and the hotel. At Hotel cocoon, butterflies fly around Sendlinger Tor and grasses blow in the spring breeze. Our staff welcomes the guests in the hotel with an Oster welcome drink the sweet Easter temptation. Checked in at the hotel, the hotel guests can enjoy the spring in Munich in a cool biker or a trip through Munich. Then the hotel lets guests looking for the hidden eggs in the cocoon rooms and melt the sweet Easter surprise on the tongue. Properly perk to be guests hotel after a beautiful night at Hotel cocoon then with the big breakfast magic, consisting of fragrant coffee specialities, crispy pretzel ‘ & cakes, spicy salami, wafer-thin ham, savory sausage and daily changing hot snacks.