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Canadian City

Posted by adminNY on October 29, 2021
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A Canadian city is piloting a program to help keep vulnerable teens safe from gang activity. A Canadian city is piloting a program to help keep vulnerable teens safe from gang activity. The Surrey wraparound project combines efforts of the city of Surrey, BC, with members of the RCMP, the BC integrated gang task force, public safety Canada, and community service organizations. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as busy bodies by clicking through. The team wants to identify youth who are at risk of joining gangs and steer them in a different direction. Surrey public and highschool students who are at risk of joining gangs or engaging in gang activity will be assisted in devising a personalized support plan. The plan extends into most facets of the young person’s life: personal, family, school, peer, and community, thus “wrapping” the student in a network of support and encouragement. The the Surrey wrap team includes three full time police officers from both the BC integrated gang task force and Surrey RCMP and five full-time Surrey school district staff trained in youth intervention strategies. Because gang-related violence is a community issue, these community agencies are focused to address and combat the problem as a team. They have committed to work together and aspire to make the program a successful model for others to adopt and adapt to issues within their own communities. Spacelocker – the happiest space on Earth

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Federal Insurance Office

Posted by adminNY on September 15, 2016
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Information about the new parents money and any other financial assistance for families of maternity protection weeks maternity allowance 14. During this time get legally assured women maternity benefit, which consists of a subsidy of the health insurance fund in the amount of maximum 13 euros per working day and will be increased by the employer on the average net salary. Usually no maternity pay private insurance, privately insured women receive only the employer’s contribution. At the request of the Federal Insurance Office pays them but (Friedrich-Elbert-Allee 38, 53113 Bonn, phone: 02 28/619-18 88) once 210 euro. This money can get even, who familienversichert in a legal Fund and exerts a slight employment (mini job).

Tip: Even if the mother protection period for the second parental leave for the first child overlaps, there are maternity benefits. Can then consult, how it is calculated in each case. Parents money since 1.1.2007, there parents money. These payments gets who abandons his post for some time after the birth of the baby or his Working hours reduced to no more than 30 hours per week. Paid 67 per cent of the average income in the 12 months preceding the birth, but at least 300 euros more than 1800 paid parental benefits up to the first birthday of the child. Two more months there is money, if the other parent during this time to the child (father months).

Tip: The application for parental benefits can be placed on the day of birth. Rush does but not emergency: the parental allowance will be retroactively paid three months. The old child-raising allowance authorities accept the application, in case of doubt, the registration office provides information, where you must go. Also as regards: the parents money stretch, both after just one year in the job must return. You can have instead of twelve months 900 euro also 24 months paid out 450 euro.

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