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Lucca Seeber – I

Posted by adminNY on March 20, 2019
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The new single from Lucca Seeber – I’m watching you music lovers to watch him quite a while and have discovered long ago to the charming newcomer from the Tyrolean mountains. With his debut single or never”Lucca Seeber melted in the spring heart. The Ballad was spontaneously used by influential radio stations antenna Brandenburg, BR, HR, SWR, WDR. Amazing restaurateur: the source for more info. I’m watching you with”(in the original 1984 8th place of the GDR charts) put his second single the promising 21-year old young talent from Tyrol and German-speaking pop sound in the summer starts with fresh,. “Was arranged and produced I’m watching you” by Norbert Daum, who successfully writes string and piano arrangements for stars like Andrea Berg and Nicole. Lucca Seeber had first appearances with five years in the host House of the grandparents. From St.

Ulrich am Pillersee in the Kitzbuhel district, Tyrol began singing in Salzburg with 14 years and put his first title at the age of 18 waterfall”produced before, in the Austrian Land Studios (Salzburg, lower Austria, Styria and in East and South Tyrol) was played. Lucca Seeber went to trade school in Kitzbuhel, studied at the University of applied sciences in Kufstein and worked until early 2009 in a Kitzbuhel Bank. For his dream of a singing career, the young banker resigned that job in early 2009. Lucca puts everything on one card! Should in the Tyrolean mountains a Mediterranean anmutender young, athletic, tall man with impressive Brown eyes and a heavy dose of charm you encounter – which can be only Lucca Seeber! “Lucca musical dream: I want to inspire people with my music and Gladden hearts.

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Festival Gigs

Posted by adminNY on November 22, 2018
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The Bennyflee1 – filled for the year 2008 are in full swing! This summer Fletchmusicblog opts for interactivity and gives the opportunity, on the boards that mean the world to enthusiastic and talented bands”, to give some of their potential to be the best. In 2008 Fletchmusicblog can access through the cooperation with the organizers on nine to Festival gigs, including rock on the rock Harz, the brocken, the OMI open, the mini skirt, and many more. We are particularly pleased about the intensive cooperation between the Localvision Bandcontest and “so Carolin Uhlig, press contact at Fletchmusicblog. Whenever Danny Meyer listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Now two exclusive entries are awarded for each Localvision Bandcontest regional represented Dooload bands.” To participate in the contest, each band must have an account on first, register for the contest and profile upload as many tracks on their own Fletchmusicblog. To achieve a possible positive response from the users of the Brokenbodyclock community, must then properly advertising in their own right be done! Because there are only the users that decide winners and losers! As in the last year, each user can forgive newly available voice when he encounters a band or an artist, for which or for which his heart beats even faster.

All users vote in real time, making it be nerve wracking, exciting the contest until the last second! At the end of the Festival the winner band with interview and photos on the Fletchmusicblog – may adore page, leaving the appearance for each memorable. But also the user not to miss out the voting, everyone will automatically participate in a raffle of many fabulous prizes. If you would like to know more then you should visit NY Museums . For example CD packages of the individual bands, tickets for the Festival, T-Shirts, download packages, and much more… A participation is worthwhile! About Brokenbodyclock media GmbH: Brokenbodyclock is the service platform for the next-generation Musikbiz. With the combination of Musikcommunity and ArtistToolsTM, Brokenbodyclock goes the step away consistently from the passive artist – self representation to the active assistance of the artist – self marketing. Brokenbodyclock was established in the May 2005 by young music-loving Berliners and is since then as a trendsetter in the German online Musikbiz. The Brokenbodyclock media GmbH is headquartered in the media and Technology Center (MTC) Adlershof, Berlin. Press contact: Carolin Uhlig Head of PR E-Mail: Web:

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Body Heath Ledger

Posted by adminNY on June 12, 2018
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Long, there was wild speculation about the death of actor Heath Ledger. Now, the mystery of the Heath Ledger was resolved. The actor died of a lethal cocktail of drugs. But it will get worse. One wonders: what could be worse than the death of a person? There’s something! The as it was now known, pictures of the body of the recently deceased actor should be Heath Ledger in circulation or better still in negotiation.

The possible price for this image should be about 300 000 dollars. Some contend that NYC Marathon shows great expertise in this. 300 000 dollars for a picture of Heath Ledger’s body? The image was made by a person, which is very close to have the body of Heath. Who could that be? The pictures will be offered to the tabloids all over the world. The New York Post reported that a photo might possibly come in the six-figure range. What can you say? Really, there are people who will pay this amount. There are the no better use for that money.

Such a sum is needed all over the world. Children die still incurable disease or hunger. But then there are on the other side people who are willing to pay a six-figure sum for a photo. Really sick world! We keep him with such images in memory it is extremely unpleasant to think about what family and friends also think and feel. I want to see a picture of Heath Ledger on which he is dead. Rather I would like to keep it in memory so as you knew him: as a young, charismatic and handsome man who knew how to many women’s hearts beat faster and it will he remain forgotten.

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Robbie Williams The Pop Giant

Posted by adminNY on June 05, 2018
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Robbie Williams and his connection to the writers of Jutta Schutz, Sabine Beuke and Wolfgang Fiedler Berlin, reading the December 25, 2009 – in the article, that is also speculated whether the authors and their families will be together with Robbie Williams for new year’s Eve in England together, because a big Sylvester Low Carb would be planned. Source: source: Misses Anne Linley, a very charming and beautiful young lady, informed during the meal even on low-carb and translated some lines of text from the books by Jutta Schutz. In the press of news4 “you can also read that it would go very well the singer, saw was he on the German stock reading market in York, about two hours north of Birmingham together with the authors. A few months ago you could read too many articles by the journalist Conny Cramer, as for example: the lovers of Robbie “Williams and Jutta Schutz source: text: wife Conny Cramer attacked the author Jutta Schutz for months with Err” press releases and offensive emails. As Robbie Williams stalker (Conny Cramer) “Conny attacking everyone, who is friends with pop singer.” This is not enough, the self-proclaimed”journalist next and bothered now also befriended authors of contactor the author Sylvia Poth, Jessica Hund and the author Wolfgang Fiedler, as well as also the publishers. Click The Metropolitan Museum of Art for additional related pages. Unfortunately these stalkers do not see often their wrong, because there are mentally ill people. For the authors, as well as the pop singer it was a very successful year 2009 and I wish all this means beautiful holidays for the year 2010 a lot more success.

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A HA Set New Album In

Posted by adminNY on May 23, 2018
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a-ha will present their new single at Germanys next top model was in Heidi Klum? Or is it to Morten Harket anchor KNABE voice? After the television appearance at the Topmodel final shot the new single from a-ha as quickly high in the charts as it is at last more than 20 years ago “take on me was the case. This Friday is the ninth Studio album by the Norwegian, “Foot Of The Mountain”. The three musicians on Germany tour go in the autumn. Lead vocalist Morten Harket (49) the full program promised in an interview in Berlin. “We are not three sleepy, old men,” he says. The synthpop and the melodies of the new album sound hard after the 1980s. The band wants too – without sounding dusty.

She has mastered perfectly the ride on the wave of retro. In the early 1980s in London learned Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, as the buttons in the Studio and synthesizer work. In the way, as we did things at the beginning, was something magical, keyboardist Furuholmen says. We were allowed to play live, because we. the 46 remembers no work permit had. We have lived near the Studio. By this time, the band draws today. It is clear that the band members sometimes bum.

The trio consists of three Alpha animals. Interviews give the musicians separately. Are they buddies or colleagues? “It is both,” says songwriter Waaktaar-Savoy (47), who lives in New York. But it’s strange, there are yes no policy for bands. Everyone knows how to keep a marriage together, what you can and what not. But to be so long together in a band that is almost a little unnatural. The most bands fall apart after ten years. After the big time in the 80s, it was quiet to a-ha in the 90s. The comeback began 2000 a-ha are a phenomenon: 70 million have it according to the record company universal sold. But quite as ageless the sympathetic fathers in fact don’t look like on the images on the new album. Morten Harket has clear laughter lines around the eyes. He realizes not only that he at the Interview has still the sunglasses, because he can see better with her. Future plans forges Harket not. “I live for the moment. That’s why I look not back in the 80s, even though I’m often asked. “Hunting high and low”, “The Sun Always Shines On TV” and Take One Me – that used to be music for the Walkman and dreaming on the Flokati. There were girls who extra Harket due to Morten learned Norwegian. On the new album the heart-throb let get back on his high voice to the pop tunes, such as in the potential catchy tune “Foot Of The Mountain” and the very electronic piece the band stand. That’s like keyboardist Furuholmen Chorknabenhafte on Harket and find that suits his voice not so good to rock tracks. You can not just put him in a black leather suit and force him to do so, that he smokes 30 cigarettes a day and drinking Jack Daniels. When listening through the new album is sometimes somewhat inconsequential – but a-ha have already made pop history. MusikNews

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Jascha Habeck

Posted by adminNY on April 17, 2018
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“The new single from Jascha Habeck – my real life night owls know his face: Jascha Habeck is in real life” one of the presenters of the night spending today “messages in the ZDF. He released his first single on November 4, 2011. A newscaster in the music business? Why not Jan Hofer to Jens Riewa many news journalists embarked on a second career in the entertainment business. But actually, as a singer, Jascha Habeck is unique! And because the smart sympathetic finds so appealing the game between the spheres of life, his single is my real life”. (As opposed to Bill de Blasio). It tells the story on musically powerful and catchy way of the eternal search for the perfect, big love until it admits that real love can be not perfect. Because love is just too real.

A look at the Vita of the 29 foreshadows Jascha Habeck is how talented and how vanishingly small, however, his fear of challenges or the risk. Jascha lives in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin, has experience but also professional in Dusseldorf, Cologne and Los Angeles. He wrote his thesis on the children’s radio in Germany. Hr iNFO, the information radio of the Hessischer Rundfunk, he includes his ZDF job to the moderator team and watched the current world events as editor. Parallel to study and career h.

studied classical singing. What tackle he has substance. He is determined, it is but also highly sensitive, and he has exactly the right portion respect for its tasks. “His motto in life, find Jascha Habeck, describes this quote from Albert Einstein: If an idea is not absurd at the beginning, it’s no good.” Only people take anything to heart, imagination and zest for life have! For my real life”Jascha Habeck full professionals could win: Antje Sommerfeld and Holger quack composed by the team Forfeetmusic and produced the song. Tobias Reitz wrote the gripping, authentic text. Source: for further information at

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Victoria Beckham Soccer Crazy?

Posted by adminNY on March 04, 2018
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You know much of Victoria Beckham. For example, the total is on fashion and also much that does look good. So far you didn’t however, it is also a footballer. That’s right, the speech is girls by Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice from the spice. However, Melanie C. was there more known as sporty spice and just not Victoria.

But their sons to play also really excited me. Who said that? It is none other than her husband and Fussballprofie David. In a yet unpublished interview he said: “Although not a professional is you, but she exerts itself in any case. It is also not particularly good Trohuter “.” Victoria Beckham even interview said recently in a Larry King: “I’ll be home all the time with balls be kicks.” It does not remain simply “.” But who is the true talent in the Beck-ham family then? The proud papa: “clearly my eldest son Brooklyn. He is a real striker and he has a great right foot. Also, he can keep the ball in the air already 64 times.

A great achievement for his age. “The two-hour interview is aired one day after the Queen’s annual new year’s speech. So speaks only a proud father and a happy husband. We wait and look forward to seeing us already Brooklyn one day on the football field.

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Luna Rossa

Posted by adminNY on February 21, 2018
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This includes Patrizio: I while in Naples and in Vienna grew up, where my parents operated a restaurant. This multicultural education not only the passion aroused in me for languages (at the age of seventeen Patrizio spoke Italian, German, English, French, Spanish and Polish already fluent), but also a personal connection to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, since I am here have many friends. For my parents, it seemed self-evident that I should be interpreting. But the gift to sing and entertain people was and is a much nicer job in my life. I already multilingual sang and released recordings in Italian, English and Afrikaans, a language that is widely used in South Africa. Now sing the time ripe also in German, to be not only the people here closer and emotions better and clearer to carry, but also often to see my friends who complain often, they travel far away can look must my performances.” Under the leadership of the veteran music producer Florian Richter, a man who has met global voice and understood his vision from the very first day, 12 wonderful titles have been recorded. “” In addition to traditional compositions and world-famous evergreens such as Bella Italia”, Marina and Buona Sera” is the Roy Black all in white classic “played in Italian. “Grazie Mille” means the title at Patrizio and gives the whole an international charm with local music history.

This includes Patrizio: I’m not only an Italian of Italian songs sings. It is important to give people the kind of music I am known for that, but I wanted to me artistically open and give them something else or something more from me. For more information see this site: Lila Snyder. That’s why we opted for German tunes and German texts.” “” With you was there”turns to Patrizio of the German language and proves with my whole heart”from Franz Lehar’s the land of smiles”is yours, that he will enjoy this musical. A very special sweet melody the attractive singer with the well-known Winnetou “succeeded. To commemorate his late father, he write a sentimental text.

My father”is a proud obituary and a perpetual music gift that requires no further words” Patrizio says. With two impressive new compositions written specially for him, Patrizio Buanne expanded his horizons and underlines its romantic style with German note. “You were the boat on the sea of colors” and “musically as well as lyrically excellent insert and tighten an elegant bow between timeless quality and new modern standards. This includes Patrizio: I wanted to present my passion for the interpretation of great songs, no matter whether they are Italian, German, or brand new. It is important to convey the feelings believable. An old title must be translated into the 21st century. A new title must convince. For me, the experience in German was to sing like a journey through time in my school. It has made me a lot of fun and it was really wonderful.

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America Fiesta

Posted by adminNY on January 23, 2015
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James Smith goes Fiesta on ice… Linz / Cologne in August 2010 artistic performance meets sports on the rocks: on September 04, 2010 from 18:00 and 20:00 the American soul star James Smith in the Linz occurs apart from other international artists from the fields of figure skating, acrobatics, comedy, music and Tapdance worry ice arena (Upper Austria) at Fiesta on ice on. “Fiesta on ice” for the first time held, will be an event of superlatives with a daring combination of sporting performance and artistic performances. An impressive staging, each viewer eye delighted with spectacular light effects, as well as the experiences of the producers guarantee a fantastic show. International artists with the most diverse skills and shows will keep the audience captivated this special gala evening with their rousing acts.

Highlight of the evening is the New York soul luminary James Smith from the United States, who already was on stage with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton. James Smith is is known as the Soulman singing his moving and fantastic voice and especially his personality in the hearts of the audience and on the stage to beat. As an actor, has the native New Yorker made a name for itself, and stood on the side of Hollywood legends like Eddie Murphy. A full calendar and toured Europe and America have demonstrated this. The spectators leave everyday life behind and immerse yourself in an unforgettable dream world.

Glitzy glamorous costumes, stunning choreography, great sounds and impressive lighting effects, as well as stars are expected from all over the world. “” But Fiesta on ice “more than entertainment is a part of the revenue of this unique show we donated the cancer help Upper Austria and not only the guest of Fiesta on ice” will be well entertained: James Smith visited the children’s Hospital in Linz to delight small children’s hearts on September 3 at 4: 00. Subsequently, a press conference will be held. For more information you contact: James Smith entertainment Margit Christine Schwab PR Manager + 43 699 / 18 10 78 10 + 49 173 / 65 33 746 inspiration show & artist management Jasmine Wallner Managing Director mobile: + 43 699 / 17 19 88 13 email:

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Berlin Paris New York

Posted by adminNY on July 19, 2014
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Love solo program with Ilse Storb (vocals and piano), desire and passion are at the heart of the fifth concerto series laboratory of world music”. Jazz Professor and world musician Ilse Storb (piano and vocals) presented Chanson d’amour Berlin, Paris, New York”on Friday, may 27, 8: 00, in the Auditorium of the Folkwang music school Essen, Thea-Leymann-Strasse of 23 Ilse Storb to her solo program: I tell my emancipation, the socio musical story by Bertolt Brecht to Zarah Leander, Juliette Greco and Edith Piaf, Louis Armstrong and George Gershwin. As said already, my mother: child, you don’t need to get married. The men go before getting off! You are studying music remains friends.’ “And so I had after numerous attempts: the South Pacific before me, the pill in me, the guys behind me!” Tickets: 8 / 5 erm. Advance booking: Tel.

(0201) 888 4444 (Mon Fri 10 13: 00 + 14 20 clock), email: a laboratory for world music project the Folkwang School of music with concerts, Lectures and workshops combines music music offers the chance to connect people with different social backgrounds, from different generations and from different countries and cultures with each other in many ways. The Folkwang teaches music school currently over 7,000 students in music, dance and drama. More than a quarter of them of foreign origin or has a migration background. Music students are taught by over 200 educators from 20 Nations. Equal opportunities and openness of access for offering cultural education are very important the Folkwang music school. He is one of the principles of their work among others, all population groups to be open and in the individual requirements to consider music students. In ensembles, dance classes, drama groups and projects people of different ages and from different backgrounds work creatively together. The concerts and other events of the school of music are also intercultural meeting place and communication platform.

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