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Granite Steps

Posted by adminNY on February 01, 2019
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To ensure the longevity of this material, we need only recall have survived monuments of ancient culture. The undeniable advantage of steps made of marble and granite is their water resistance, and hence – Not being fungus and other unpleasant effects of prolonged interaction with vodoy.Chem also differ from each other granite and marble? Granite is a product of the slow magma cools and fossilization of liquid or formed during granitization various terrestrial rocks. Granite is by its nature is light gray in color, but due to contaminants, can take many different colors: pink, red, sometimes green. It is more durable than marble and safely used in the lining city streets, road construction and exterior stairways. Marble, thanks to its structure, easily subject to polishing. He usually has a lighter color, but in the case of the presence of impurities, gets a variety of colors and drawing from yellow up to red and black. Unlike granite, marble is more capricious material, but sometimes it is more preferable.

Its often used for lining floors and stairs in the bathrooms and bathhouses, as well as for the construction of internal stairs. This stone is less slippery than granite, because it is more hygroscopic. Also used to make marble monuments, architectural cladding, interior decoration of homes and muzeev.Stupeni of marble and granite in the interior of marble steps can become a highlight of any home decor. They are great and uzhivutsya with marble floors and wooden parquet and marble, or decorative metal railing emphasize originality and luxury interior. Marble is called 'Home' the stone: its aesthetic characteristics is higher than that of granite, but it demands a more careful attention. The elegance and beauty of this unique material is evident, and a unique variety of color and pattern offers unlimited opportunities for creative development of a specific interior.

The main staircase in the living room country house with white marble steps, or an intriguing and luxurious dark green bathroom – the choice remains for the owner. Design your interior will be more exclusive and because the texture of the stone is unique and never repeated. Granite Steps are perfect for decoration of the exterior of your home: porch, a fountain or entrance into the pavilion, made of granite, will always look fine. At the same time, high durability and ruggedness of granite will allow you to not think about the restoration, at least the next hundred years. Stairs: Granite and marble are the main actors in the palaces, luxurious Turkish baths and swimming pools. Steps of stone decorated entrances and exits in the subway, give a clean, well-groomed appearance underground passages. Simplicity and durability of operation, reliability and a nice facility with which they give care and cleaning, making them indispensable in the construction of any structures, suggesting an active and long-term use.