The Master Chef In Your Own Four Walls

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Cooking programmes determine the picture and have become true rate providers over the past few years. After a few years, where cooking shows were rarely on the program or were based on regional television, put on the entertainment value, a cooking show or a cooking show with large private channels and public broadcasters. As the actor with the moderator, the professional chef with unknown city residents, visitors to the jungle camp cooking with the American Idol candidate. Responsive British cooking lamb, the quick-witted Hanseat explains the tricks of quick cuisine his assistant and the attractive, blonde chef offers also insights with Michelin-starred recipe suggestions in her life as a working mother. The times in which televised the Hawai toast or Waldorf salad for the new year’s Eve party was prepared, are long gone. The private man becomes chips to the highly decorated gourmet feast and the spectators to the apprentice of television chefs the chef, the Wiener.

Cooking and dinner in a relaxed Atmosphere have gained a new significance despite fast-food chains and solid growth of the German average weight. Food and cooking are among the lifestyle and create the link between communication and enjoyment. Modern kitchens are back to the living room and combine practicality with style and comfort. The family sits together at the table and through the rediscovery of the kitchen are integrated in the preparation of meals. Modern kitchen appliances such as a dishwasher facilitate not only necessary work, but help as well, electricity, water-and-depending on the device and application to save one or the other calorie.

Kitchen appliances such as steamers for gentle, healthy cooking of various meals, long time used only by professionals, are now available for the home affordable. Man-sized refrigerators with built-in ice maker can be found not only in American sitcoms, but also in neighbor’s kitchen”. The kitchen will once again become the center of the House, and this Trend is not only in the circle of friends, but also in the Internet to keep track of. Online shops such as the bn recently online shop have taken this trend and enable the customer to acquire high-quality kitchen appliances, which increase the fun and the enjoyment of cooking and eating, and functionality, appearance and efficiency give a special character to the kitchen.

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Crown Castle

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Patrik Kimpel, which last fall for the Crown Castle his cooked one Michelin star, traditionally supplemented the tasting with a lunch. Participants at this event are mostly convinced repeat offenders, about two-thirds of the guests take part every year again. Another highly prized wine event was Opus one, were tasted 10 vintages of the expensive and highly rated wine from the United States where the rarities tasting. Overall the guests tend to book one of the lunchtime events increased this year again: one only exception were all booked out lunches. The big rush on tickets for the Welcome Party, where nine chefs from the Rhine-Main region live cooked at their booths was the event fully booked one of the first in this year and fitted with long waiting lists this year was exceptional. A great success was also the party of closing, where as always eight Jeunes restauranteurs members together with House cooked Kimpel, 20 wineries presented themselves and three live bands mood provided. Each 450 guests came to the two parties.

Organizer H. B. Ullrich, draws a positive balance: this festival also showed again that we set the right priorities, by the accompaniment of the events with international top-quality wines and top plants from the Rheingau, our program and are attractive for visitors from the region as well as from all over Germany and abroad. 37 events of tastings to cooking dinners were booked, almost up to the last place filled we have achieved an incredible booking rate of 94 percent most of the others in 2011.” Ullrich has however no time to rest on the laurels of this year’s Festival. The planning for the RHEINGAU GOURMET & wine 2012 is FESTIVAL already underway. The star guest it is set: the next year three-star chef Thomas Keller of the United States will take part, leading with the French Laundry in California and Per Se in New York equal to two three-star restaurants and will count towards the main cooks of the world. The RHEINGAU GOURMET & wine FESTIVAL is the most important consumer Culinary Festival in Europe. Two weeks presented world famous chefs such as Hirohisa Koyama, Jean-Georges Klein or Lisl Wagner-Bacher their culinary creations, and leading winemakers ensure the right wine pairing. Each year, the festival attracts more than 6,000 gourmets from all over the world. The hotel Crown Castle in Eltville-Hattenheim is turning and linchpin of the 14-day Festival.

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