Central America

Posted by adminNY on April 06, 2016
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It also raises a new international work; a railway that would link Venezuela with the Pacific Ocean and which could be extended towards the South or Central America. However, between the two must have been some negotiation about the FARC, which will not be shown both to the public. Both rulers they wanted to go towards the oldest guerrilla disarmament in the West. However, Uribe seeks to humiliate them and crush them to consolidate an economic model that security and incentives to private capital. Chavez, on the other hand, would the FARC to legalize but without having been defeated and to be able to become an electoral force of democratizing left (or part of it) as it has happened with those who before were branded as terrorists in Central America or South Africa.

Both coordinate Rune luck of tandem. Uribe is whacking and Chavez is the carrot. However, the purposes that Caracas and Bogota have are not the same. Uribe would repeat the Peruvian way so that the defeat of subversion is hard and allow a historical cycle of Governments pro-NAFTA. Chavez, on the other hand, wants a departure that involves social and political concessions to the guerrillas in order to open up the possibilities for Colombia ceases to be the right-wing rock South and step to a subsequent center-left Government.

Meanwhile the current reconciliation between these two conflicting neighbors will regain their crisis. At the moment both it suits them both for internal and international reasons. If today the embrace both seek to improve their scores in view of elections (presidential new in Colombia and the regional of November in Venezuela), these same elections could help that both used nationalism and the danger of the neighbor to re – launch. Again the FARC could be another cause of a crisis and these, in spite of many observers and even though it may be in crisis, it still has many traditions, bases and militants and you may want to continue attracting new problems in continental diplomacy.