Argentinean City

Posted by adminNY on December 31, 2017
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Guaymalln comprises of imaginary the popular Argentinean thanks to the famous alfajores whose factory, by the way, is not in Mendoza. But the department cuyano, prolongation the west of the capital city and more densely populated with the province stands out by own right by its mighty agricultural activity, its commercial centers, and their attractive tourist ones, thus also to lodge good part of the supply of the high range of lodging in Mendoza. The city head, Guaymalln, is one of oldest of the province and limits the north with the Heras and Lavalle, the south with Maip and the west, besides capital Mendoza, with Godoy Cross. Most of the enchantment of the city of Guaymalln is in its mixture of tradition and modernity. In the colonial part of the city it is forced the visit to the old large houses of the century XIX, between which one stands out oldest of all, the one from the family Oil mill Tip, that dates from 1780 and has been transformed into museum.

Closely together of there, the modern building of shopping Mendoza Place invites to spend an pleasant afternoon of purchases. Guaymalln also owns an important complex of sinks in which not only it is possible to recreate and to take classes from swimming: diving courses occur there. The rural tourism proclaims its presence through the innumerable warehouses of this mighty mendocino department, in which the traveller can know all the secrets the elaboration of the wine, to taste varietal the most select ones and, even, to decide to lodge and to pass its demurrage in Mendoza surrounded by the magical surroundings of the vineyards. Guaymalln also counts on ideal educative farms for a stroll with very small of the family, that will be enchanted with the idea to see close by and being able to caress to the animalitos that only know by the TV or Internet. So it is the importance of this department of the zone of the great Mendoza, that enters December and March celebrates its own Celebration of the Grape harvest. A true popular celebration that shows includes musical, dances, good wines, election of Reina of the Grape harvest of Guaymalln and all class of recreational and sport activities. A stage in that campings and lodgings of all type are overwhelmed, reason why it turns out advisable to reserve hotel in capital Mendoza not to lose anything of this unforgettable celebration.