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New Messestandde Statistics

Posted by adminNY on December 07, 2017
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Also if the trade fair participations 2013 remain stable the digital age offers changes yet for the trade fair participation though the fairs remain stable in the digital age, this does not mean that there is no current developments on the Nevertheless, the organiser must respond. Only through constant adaptation to current developments, exhibitors can ensure a successful visit. Even if the investments remain stable 2013 for a trade fair participation, so two clear trends in the trade fair market are emerging. The first trend is the connection between the main communication tools of the own website and the booth by the importance of measurement in the communications mix. Two important areas in the communication interfaces can be combined by the connection between online and offline.

The second trend deals with the question to rent or buy a fair system. The organiser offers are diverse, but not optimal to individualize. Due to the high Cost for a trade fair participation shy many participants however buying a fair system and opt for the hire of a stand locally. These two trends are essential to the year 2013. The new messestand.de with simple comparisons and graphics shows statistics how the latest developments affect the participation. The connection between online and offline is the most important trend for the fairs 2013. So it can be connected to digital and interactive content with the booth.

The interactive content can be submitted through the creation of interfaces. This product videos or PDF catalogues become an integral part of the exhibit without requiring additional floor space. Through the use of digital information can be enormously increases the information provided at the booth and even the fair period extended. The content, images and videos of the trade fair can be made available online and thus extend the trade fair appearance with all exhibits. This allows information far beyond the Fair days are made available. At the same time, the interaction at the booth is promoted because the interfaces provide not only information, but increase the entertainment factor. In addition to this connection is the questions between the rent or the purchase of a fair system another trend for the year 2013. By the high cost of participation, exhibitors often opt for the rent of a fair system. Perhaps check out Restaurateur for more information. The selection of the booths provided by organizer has been steadily growing, these offer but still only limited opportunities for individual design. After comparison of the largest German trade fair organizers and offered fair systems however, shows that already after a second rent a purchase of the fair system would be worthwhile. With the cost comparison of rental systems and the EX POMADE trade fair system, it is clear that the question to rent or buy is clearly based on the number of fairs and the desire for individuality is. For all other comparisons, see the new messestand.de statistics Exhibition trends 2013 “. You get them from the messestand.de Download Center. Exhibition trends 2013 it offers the cost-benefit-check for exhibitions as well as numerous checklists and Advisor for the trade fair participation there as well.