The History Of Tuning

Posted by adminNY on June 19, 2018
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Until very recently, considered tuner or make tuning to the car was the worst thing that you could confess your mother. Like the tuning was equal to being a garrulo, with little respect for the rest of the drivers, with desire to make war and to be noticed. Little by little, the only thing that has been of some is the ultimate. The tuners are a collective that is noticeable, consuming everything that goes have some relationship with prepared cars, and learning quickly that everything is what exists here, or the outside should be by noses maybe. But this tuning is not something new the Hot Rod, the Kustom, or how everything started in El America Hot Rod and the Kustom began as a way in which the young Americans felt unique preparing their cars and differentiating them from the rest, while they dreamed in submission to the major races of speed.

We will not bombard you with historical facts, biographies or dates, but if we will give you a few details. Do you remember the film back to the future car? And Kitt, the car Fantastic? These two, like so many other cars movie, were created by George Barris, considered the King of Kustomizers (King of the doll), which in the 1940s got into the scene restoring an old Buick. A life more media – and turbulent – lived Ed Roth, called the godfather of the Hot Rod, car with an incredible talent and an inexhaustible imagination coach, which perhaps you respect a grotesque green rat who now returns to see on t-shirts and books. Delve into the lives of these two types you do not disappoint. In Europe the fault was racing both for aesthetics as benefit, in Europe (beyond the Pyrenees, clear) all started by wanting to imitate racing cars, adapting trends seen in circuits to street cars.