Brazil Colony

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Summary: To Falarmos de Black Escravido we cannot forget us Portuguese, Spanish and English them that if they had submitted to full its bilges of ships of blacks to make of them an object of sales and exchange of merchandise. In Brazil, the slavery had beginning with the production of sugar in the first half of century XVI. The Portuguese brought the African blacks of its colonies in Africa to use as enslaved man power in the devices of northeast sugar. The traders of Portuguese slaves vendiam the Africans as if they were merchandises in Brazil here. Most healthful they arrived to be valid the double of those weakker or old ones. The black women had also suffered very with the slavery, even so you of device used this man power, mainly, for domestic works. Visit Danny Meyer for more clarity on the issue.

Cooks, arrumadeiras and milk weapons had even though been common in those times of the colony. During all the period that the slavery was effective, the captives had undertaken diverse forms to escape of that order marked for the repression and the control. Amongst some manifestations of resistance, the quilombos, also known as mocambos, functioned as community of run away blacks that conseguaim to escape of the control of its proprientrios. Word-key: exchange of merchandise, man power and escravos.1. Objective IntroduoO of this article is to clarify as it was the desumana form that those blacks lived the routine exploration, the violence form that was imposed when they did not fulfill with the obligation and which was quilombo that it resisted the escravista regimen and its organization econmica.2. DesenvolvimentoA routine of work of these enslaved ones was arduous and involved one heavy routine of work that could reach a turn of eighteen daily hours. The life conditions were precarious, its feeding extremely limited and did not count on no type of assistance or guarantee.


Military Community

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There were military community, usually in times of unrest, in terms of border conflicts, religious wars and wars for national independence, of colonization. For assistance, try visiting Rudy Giuliani. In the initial stages of the main occupation of these communities is a war polurazboynogo character. However, later they switched to a service state on a contractual basis, or disappeared (1). The word "Cossack" is polysemantic, due to the peculiarities of the history of the Cossack communities of the Eurasian steppe expanses. At various times by the word 'Hid' a variety of ethnic composition, structure, and studies community, which united the war, military science as the basis of life. From a linguistic point of view, the word 'Cossack' likely Turkic origin, indicating an armed guard, guard borders, Daredevil-rider. In the early Middle Ages and in the mature open spaces of Dasht-i-Kipchak – "Great Steppe" borders in the modern sense of the word – as the line separation of state sovereignty – is not there. There was no insurmountable ethnic differences between peoples (for example, even in the late XVIII – early XIX centuries.

Hegel pointed out that the present situation it is terrible – and the Russian German is no longer understand each other, which means that the previously understood). In these circumstances, the military community evolved dashing horsemen of the steppes, employees, or voluntary, skilled warriors, freedom-loving and proud, in a multinational composition. Apparently, these communities have appeared in the late antiquity and the Middle Ages. However, the lack of credible evidence does not allow to trace their history.

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Japanese Americans

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Young men and villains saw themselves very in Brazilian periodicals of the time of Vargas regarding as the great conflict of a war between. who age always portraied as the young men, the heroes were the Americans. The villains were the nazistas and the Japanese. Not only in periodicals, but also in comicses? who never read a comics of captain America? , in Hollywood and the TVs. What it was transferred to ocidente was only the prelude of what it would be the cold war, a constant manipulation of information. The second war nor was not won nor only stopped between Americans and Germans, or Americans and Japanese. The war was basically between the nazistas and the Ussr.

It was an obsession of Hitler in conquering the European east and eradicating the communism. This age so truth not only in the declarations of Hitler, but in the union between the nazistas and the fascists, until the efforts of ' ' Barbarossa&#039 operation; '. Without speaking that 20% of the troops German were to the front of the east. The nazistas had placed its bigger troop and its bigger warlike armory in European east, more than causing 20 million deaths in the Soviet Union. Whereas in the side west it was not used as many troops German, I ruin but it enormous had to the unpreparedness and the negation for the fear of the others two powers, France and England, to have a catastrophe of the dimension of world to war i. still the responsible greater for the ending of the war was not the United States. The Americans if had all kept the time far from the war, limiting themselves to distribute it resources for the powers in danger? the American people did not accept the participation of the United States in this conflict. has who says that the proper American government was negligent, therefore expected that Germany engolisse the Soviet union.


Brazil Society

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With the diverse manifestations that had occurred in the Europe and the United States of supernatural phenomena, a new doctrine was appearing, with adepts for the whole world, being that as all the newness ‘ ‘ desconhecida’ ‘ many doubts had appeared and questions that had been later answered by Alan Kardec, the Espiritismo arrived at Brazil in 1865. Today, the Country is what it congregates the biggest number of espritas in the whole world. Brazilian the Esprita Federacy? nationwide entity of the Esprita Movement? it congregates ten a thousand Espritas Institutions approximately, spread for all the regions of the Country. The first esprita session in Brazil occurred in 17/09/1865? Salvador, Bahia? , ‘ is installed; ‘ Familiar group of the Espiritismo’ ‘ , the first Esprita Center of Brazil and, to 20h30min, Luis Olmpio Teles de Menezes preside over to a medinica session, where if it receives the first page psicografada and signed by ‘ ‘ Brasil’ angel; ‘. In July of 1869, better to defend and to propagate the Espiritismo, hardly attacked for the clergy and the press of Salvador, Luis Olmpio Teles de Menezes publishes ‘ ‘ Echo D? Alm-Tmulo’ ‘ , Monitor of the Espiritismo in Brazil, the first esprita periodical of Brazil. In day 02/07/1853, the Daily one of Pernambuco, in its section ‘ ‘ Exterior’ ‘ , of notice coming from Paris, and dated of 20 of May, it counted correspondent who ‘ ‘ not if he can for the foot in a hall, without seeing all the society around a round table, having each one the supported minimum finger in the one of the neighbor, and waiting all in silence tabulates that it he wants voltear’ ‘.


Militant Germany

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Adolf Hitler was born in the Austrian town of Braunau in 1889 and remained until 1932 Austrian citizenship. His father was a clerk in the customs and the family has provided relative prosperity. But he died when Hitler was 14 years old. Adolf Roth wayward little prone to regular practice. He never managed to finish high school in Linz, where his family moved. After his father Adolf decided to enter the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, finding themselves in uncommon talent on the part of art and architecture, but twice sank in the entrance exams. After some time, died and his mother, and he found himself without a livelihood. Hitler lived in Vienna, surviving on occasional jobs.

There, in Vienna, the capital of the multinational Austro-Hungarian Empire, with its sharpened ethnic relations, he became an ardent advocate of the ideas of German nationalism and antisemitism, drawing on information about any of tabloid edition. In 1913 Hitler moved to neighboring Germany, in Munich, where he found his First World War. He met her with enthusiasm, volunteered in the German army, and stayed on the western front all four years of war. He was wounded twice and received efreytorskie stripes. The defeat of Germany, Hitler, like many Germans then, to explain the machinations of internal enemies, Germany – Marxists and Jews. Immediately after demobilization, he joined a small Militant nationalist party, which due to its 'extensive reading', and most importantly – outstanding oratorical abilities, quickly became its leader. Then Hitler reorganized the Nazi Party in her.

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Robin Hood

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The most known cangaceiro was Virgulino Blacksmith Da Silva, known as Lampio, also friction for writers of Robin Hood of caatinga it represented the poor and courageous people who satiated of being humiliated, attacked and stole the farmers. The flock of Lampio was pursued by projecting patrols of polices state, acting with much brutality how much to the cangaceiros. Lampio died together in an ambush in 1938 with its friend and its gunmen finishing the Saga cangaceiros them in the Hinterland pas.em it book of Eric intitled Hobsbawn Outlaws it standes out: ' ' It is Truth that it makes a pilgrimage to the celebrity Messias de Juazeiro, the Ccero priest, asking for its blessing before hugging cangao.however, the ballad of where to extract most of this story does not mention any revenge of offences (except in the seio of the proper flock) no act to take off of the rich ones to give to the poor persons, no dispersion of justice. It registers battles, wounds, attacks the city (or against what it passed in the cities of the Brazilian sertes), kidnapping, assaults the rich ones, combats with the soldier adventures with women, episode of hunger and headquarters but nothing that Robin Hood remembers. For the opposite, registra' ' horrors: as Lampio assassinated prisoner, even so its woman it has rescued, as it massacreed workers, as he tortured an old one that almadioara (without knowing who if he dealt with), making it to dance with Foot of mandacaru until to die, as it sadist killed one of its men, it offends who it compelling to eat one kilo of salt, and similar incidents to cause terrore to be impious is a more important attribute for this outlaw of whom to be friend of pobres' ' Giving continuation to our subject; the urban social movements in the old republic have everything to have with the growth disordered of the cities, without leaving to emphasize that the economic structure of the country at this time was essentially agricultural, counting on the industrial growth that contribua for the urbanization having as example the city of Rio De Janeiro, that was the capital of the country. .


African And Asian Colonies To The Beginning Of 20 Century

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In Asia, 6 countries (and only formally) to maintain their independence and visibility of the management of their monarchs (and not the colonial administration): China, Siam (Thailand), Nepal, Afghanistan, Persia (Iran) and Nejd (in the center of Arabia) in Africa – Ethiopia. China, from which it had been torn apart by England, France, Germany, Russia and Japan, was in a semi-colonial dependence, and was divided into spheres of influence. Nepal was virtually dependent on the British Indian empire. The Metropolitan Museum of Art oftentimes addresses this issue. Persia was divided between Britain and Russia on the tacit area of interest. Siam was enmeshed in the system of capitulations imposed by the United Kingdom (1832, 1856.), France (1856), and later in other capitalist countries. Afghanistan crushed the British army during the I and ii of the Anglo-Afghan wars, yet was forced to acknowledge British control (some purchased) over its foreign policy. In addition, the second half of the xix century. emirate is experiencing all the growing political and economic pressure, not only England but also in Russia. Colonial possessions of England is an island of Cyprus and Malta in the Mediterranean port of Aden at the entrance to the Red Sea (based on England were also some Arab principality, located on the coasts and islands in the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf), India, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Burma, (with Singapore), North Borneo (now Kalimantan) and Brunei, many islands in the Pacific Ocean, in Africa – British Somalia, Kenya, the island of Zanzibar, Uganda, Rhodesia, Beguan Land (now Botswana), Nigeria, Gold Coast (now Ghana), Sierra Leone, Gambia, Sudan came under joint management (condominium) in England and Egypt.


Popular Traditions

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Due to publication of the study Louis David: peintre et conventionnel, Agns received the heading from historian of the art in 1936. In 1937, Agns was nominated for a position in the National Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, where it worked as historian of the art. In April of 1941 the group of resistance to the Germans of which it participated was trado and imprisoned. After four years, in June of 1945, it was set free for the Third Army of the United States. In 1949 it was decorated with the Cross of the War due its participation in the Resistance; after the war Agns Humbert if she refused to come back to work in the Museum of which it are dismissed for order of Vichy. Although its health to have been affected for its experiences in the arrests and the plants of forced work, Agns continued to write a book on the art until dying in 1963.O daily of published Agns is of great relevance not only for being a messenger of the memory of the Resistance? registering an experience of the event before it is forgotten or gains symbolic a connotation different? but also for in providing a vision to them of the daily one of members of resistance politics and for being the story of a woman who was present in this movement.

Colasanti marina takes in them to reflect on the paper of the women during the warlike catastrophes, situation which the women almost always leave losing either for psychologically seeing its dead or destroyed dear beings for the war either for becoming involved themselves personally in the war. But Marina does not consider that the experience of Agns has been a loss in function, mainly, of the form as the protagonist lived deeply its imprisonment trying to keep the good unbroken mood. For the analysis of this book we will be reading ' ' on ombros' ' of the controlled French society for the German army.


Social History

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At as the moment the feminine participation and discovery through indications found in searched documents, where they show the women in the battlefield, where will be imprisoned thirty women between I exercise of the cabanos, and in one another document she appears a woman wounded in combat. At the third moment the women appear in the judiciary joint, asking for pensions, not the conscription of the children supports of family in the legalist armies and etc. In the room moment as sheltering the cabanos in its houses and keeping to weapons and other used utensils in the combat. At the fifth moment as articuladora of escape of one you lead of them of the movement, since this age widower of a legalist military man, and would pay a good richness in money, gold and silver to who facilitated the escape to it. The author works in the dimension works in the dimension of Social History, with dimension in the History of the women, making its analyzes the theoretical light of Michelle Perrot, Edward Thompson and Georges Rude, approaching its sources through the indicirio paradigm. In ' ' I was born in the bushes, never I had senhor' ' Eurpedes Nunes19 sample that although small the amount of blacks in the Amazon region, its hand of workmanship had importance in the Imperial Amaznia sufficiently. Analyzing the mocambos mocambos of Low Amazon, through written sources and you pray, the author aims at to reconstruct as they had been to the forms of resistance found by the blacks to reach the freedom where the communities quilombolas and the mocambos were these places. These commercial business-oriented mocambos are visualized as a net in the Amazon region, arriving the mocambeiros to keep contacts with the aboriginals and blacks of the Suriname and Guianas. When visualizing the system of social organization was quilombolas moved by the faith catholic, in a social system that its main leadership had in the authority of the heads, and in the family its structure.