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New Field

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The online portal? ask yourself smart! expanded its content. Yes, who wants to grow must constantly have ideas. Swarmed by offers, Bill de Blasio is currently assessing future choices. The free knowledge portal expanding its content to a more exciting and informative source of knowledge. “In the story” the community can find out about a selection of contemporary events. “” After the wise guy of the day”and heading how” the is already large popularity, with the field of history “certainly are another highlight. Continue to learn more with: Jo Natauri. In addition to the events of the past can be found here also birth and death days of well-known people. Who wants to know who now has his nameday, finds? ask yourself smart! the answer.

Reminder, on September 05, 2005, is a cable car crashed in Solden (Austria) and took nine German skiers to their deaths. There were six young people from the Black Forest and three leaders from Bavaria. Had they forgotten that?! Already thrilled the story”the community, because nothing is more exciting than the living History. It is always advantageous to deal with the past to the future to make. It always amazes me, how people in our environment on small but react well placed comments. Who is an on a party or a neat get-together with friends other topics such as weather, a recent vacation, who wants to cut shared stories from the past, according to three clicks on? you ask smart! find something. It is therefore not surprising that the community is growing in the large theme selection. I wish much fun with the klugschu0085


Picture Agency

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Perennials expert Hermann Grone relaunches Web site of the Garden Designer and writer Hermann Grone photographed perennials for 15 years with great enthusiasm. He presented these pictures interested on his website. Virtual tours, by slide show, Panorama films or as spectacular macro work, 550 garden photos and portraits of perennials are presented on the Web site. Hermann Grone provides publishers and editors for sale. An amazing performance of multi talent, whose areas form the planning, design and execution of private, company gardens and parks. The friendly cooperation between initial interactive and Hermann Grone is already in its tenth year. Leg of recent relaunch was made the site on the ini-i editorial system.

The intuitive system allows more topicality and drastically reduces the occurrence of errors when creating new pages. Special highlights of the garden Grone page are a high-performance search tool, in addition to a full-text search in the articles also do a search in the image database provides. In addition, visitors can see specially put together slide shows in high-resolution. Hermann Grone about initial interactive: that was a very lucky, more than 10 years ago, Torsten Matschiess and Dirk Opdenplatz, the Managing Director of initial interactive, to authorize the construction of my Web pages. The sites are a success story in the my industry and helped in particular my theoretical work and my growth as a photographer. In this way: Thank you to Dusseldorf. The garden Grone Web page can be found here: questions please contact: Torsten Macdonald initial interactive gmbh Schinkel str.


Online Travel Agency

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Customers can rely on the TuV Seal the portal belongs to the biggest Internet travel agency of in Germany. As a sign of its high quality, it was with the TuV-Su D-s@fer-shopping-Siegel awards. With this award, the quality as well as the security for the customer are transparent. See NYC marathon for more details and insights. Growth and quality assurance are according to Ralph Michaelsen, Director tourism and travel of University Service GmbH, indicative of the guiding principles of the University Service GmbH. The Internet company from Leipzig operates more successful portals in the tourism sector with, and His course is heavily focused on expansion. In the summer, Unister could win the football player Michael Ballack as advertising character.

The popular advertising campaign was produced in his London home. Since the launch of the TV spots in July, the number of customers increased enormously. The direction to be pursued in the future all signs are pointing to growth.


Thomas Engels Customer

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We are like you! Medium-sized businesses not mediocrity! Under the motto: We are like you! “Middle-class not mediocrity!” imagines the Dusseldorf company. From many years of experience managing director of Thomas Edwards and his team know the difficulties that brings the realization of a new website with it; but also the right solutions! Because in addition to the all around package at advice & planning, design & programming, as well as the positioning & care, the dedicated company places great emphasis on continuous customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Many in the industry are talking about full service offerings, but customer service can be done only, if implemented after creating the new Web presence concept of service”says Thomas Engels describes his experiences. Reach would be that only through an intensive customer care, at any early issues, to solve them together ”. The company’s philosophy seems to be working. The Webweisend media GmbH has just three new staff hired and searches continue purposeful employees who want to live the idea of service. If you want to learn more about the Webweisend media GmbH, you can visit this on your homepage.


Managing Director

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With the relaunch from mid-April, the leading portal for online jobs, is jomondo, its Jobbern and clients present an enhanced offer. Since mid-2011, 20% from abroad are registered with jomondo 550,000 members, approximately. With 23 million calls per month is jomondo according to Nielsen NetView to the 250 most visited portals in Germany. jomondo is currently represented in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland on the market. jomondo jobbers have the opportunity to offer their performance or to apply online to jobs and to earn money. Employers have the option to hand over their duties to jomondo members online or on-site. Well-known large companies already use the jomondo service for their projects.

jomondo has access to the entire E-Mail database of its co-shareholder Klaus Schober, Ditzingen, Germany. So far the company positioned itself jomondo as a portal for online jobbing and offered the possibility of online jobs all individuals, freelancers, contractors, and commercial clients to awarded and they do online from contractors to let, as well as the opportunity to offer online services. The 18.04.12 is jomondo its members a new service offer. To be able to offer now also jobs or their own performance on the ground, with the possibility opens the portal for offline job opportunities, such as babysitting and care, transport assistance and courier services, or but also repair services such as repairing electrical appliances such as televisions or janitorial work. Other services were lawyer discussions, translations in German English or other languages, as well as assisting in project planning and Office work, distributing flyers and many more tasks on the ground. With the ZL filtering client can write now regional jobs and people can find more jobs in your area.

Continue to every job and every set performance by jomondo hand checks before it is published to the portal. In addition, the members are more than Jobs in your area informed and can now directly with their Facebook data at jomondo register or login and apply for jobs. In the price comparison, the portal performs well and offer free of charge all services as registration, the application and also the set of jobs or services in the portal. With the relaunch of the site we offer now a portal for all the jobs our members, which can be found online, but done on the spot”, type-setter, Managing Director of jomondo GmbH, Dr. Marcel pleased.


Stuttgarter Nachrichten

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Uncategorized / Comments Off on Stuttgarter Nachrichten cooperation: the leading nightlife Portal Germany delivers the large city portal party photo content from the Cathedral City. The nightlife Portal supplies immediately party photos from Cologne and the surrounding area to the city portal under the URL are continuously updated photos from the night life and events in the Cathedral City presented, taken by the Cologne more Scouts. Visit Bill de Blasio for more clarity on the issue. We are happy to work with the rich wide strong Portal”, another strong partner for local content, Kai Brokelmeier, Managing Director of the Agency explains virtual: nights: media, which operates the portal Cooperation in addition to existing content partnerships, including with the Hamburger Abendblatt, the Stuttgarter Nachrichten, the Prince’s City magazine or To read more click here: Danny Meyer. For inquiries regarding further cooperation, the Agency is virtual: nights: media closed up. Kai Brokelmeier: We will continue our strategic partnerships expand. For mobile Web pages are our photos, dates, and other content available.”virtual: nights: media has developed its own iPhone app for the growth market of mobile Internet and mobile content in form of a white label solution is offered.

This can for example city-related content, such as events, locations and photos to go”to retrieve and commented. The delivery for online portals is possible via various interfaces. The customer has the opportunity to market the content on its Web sites. On more than one virtual Web 2.0 portal with participation of the Holtzbrinck publishing house: nights: media to the greatest lifestyle marketers in the German-speaking Internet. The nightlife portal has about 2 million visitors a month, about 7.5 million party pictures and monthly 10,000 event dates. The virtual portfolio: nights: media includes cross-media marketing, advertising/public relations, sales promotion, sponsorship and events. The Agency employs 22 people at the headquarters of food and about 35 regional and City managers nationwide. Over 560 photo Scouts are for the portal in use. Its partners (such as Bacardi Germany, Vodafone, Microsoft and Constantin Film) offers virtual: nights: media integrated marketing and communication services.


Innovative Jobs

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Now, the online job market gives the minds of the video game industry to their prospective employers. No matter whether classic video game developers & publishers, companies in the Free2Play – and indie- or but companies specializing in scoring, localization, marketing and PR all brings together. The job portal for countless works with partners of the industry, that their countless jobs are advertise soon. While employers publish the posts to be filled, people interested in job and specialists can create their own profile. It does not matter, or an internship that is looking for a full-time or part-time. Even as a freelancer is possible.

The ghost mode is particularly useful for professionals. Your profile can be either anonymous, so that the current employer does not, if you are interested in further job opportunities and new challenges. “What belongs together, will sooner or later come together”, says Alexander Goricke, founder of the ‘Emplay we shorten this process and help companies new employees to find, to grow further in the future. While employers within seconds can adjust their job offers, job seekers can to apply quickly and easily on the existing authorities.” But also a job application is created in a few minutes. Information about the person can be imported even from an existing linkedin profile to save even more time.

You want a job in the games industry? Then, you publish your job search now for free. About of the games industry job board we combine the video game industry with support to alert companies to attract the best employees for themselves in a growing market. Specializing in the recruitment of the games industry we support both classic video game developers & publishers, as well as companies in the Free2Play and Indie section. Agencies for marketing, PR and consulting firm that have focused gaming’s, are also part of the extensive job offer in the media landscape of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


Create Web Videos Without Production – New Web Editors Make It Possible!

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A new generation of Web video services enable a comparatively simple production on their own for business purposes so far it was difficult to produce professional videos without the help of professional video productions, camera crews, or advertising agencies for business purposes. That may be changing with the new generation of Web-video editors. Started has everything a few years ago with colorful sites that clearly were tailored to younger target groups – here, the hope of the providers and investors, should can play the “YouTube generation” and inferior to the latest chart music with your own images. The pioneer of this technology called animoto and rockyou (in the United States), stupeflix (in France), or clipgenerator (in Germany). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Danny Meyer. Clip generator you had even Michael Jackson in the program and currently can be, still his latest party photos featuring the music of Lady Gaga or Rhianna – appropriate contracts with Sony make it possible. For business users, but such shrill rhythms and also the “pattern” came This animation not be questioned. For this reason, some vendors have rediscovered the business track and increasingly in the sights taken commercial customers. animoto offers as an affiliate program, to develop new audiences, and clipgenerator with clip editor even a completely new video clip editor developed, which is set by the music selection, and the cuts purely on the needs of business customers at, business customers can get a free trial.

The animation algorithms such as do not cut the products, also to ensure that the images long enough “are”, to give the viewer time to perceive the product or service. Here is substance before the effect. All is common: the clip editors animate photos, and do so without video footage. The operation is tailored to its own users and therefore easy. The user should bring no great knowledge, the editors create emotionally like a good video with professional cuts, pleasing animations and one pleasant music in the background.


Berlin Tel

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The coins known also under the name trolley coins”and be used mainly as a substitute for cash for shopping trolleys. The guerilla campaign is a clever combination of media and involvement in classical marketing activities. A buzz is to be created on the streets and consumers give the opportunity to get to know his & hers. A regular initial registration, user get three free bids, combined with the Mint increased the number of these on a whopping five. A perfect incentive to become acquainted with the concept of an experience auction. New York museums is actively involved in the matter.

Who is the better bargain hunters man or woman? Only when his & hers, there is the peculiarity that both sexes come to the course. Both men and women are addressed on the site with the product range. To show that centered on his & hers represents this, is currently on the website, which here in the last week of the men clear front Crown even the better bargain hunters. The subdivision into men- and women products It is clear but mostly by the presentation of the website. Through a colour distribution is clearly defined, what products for which gender are intended. The myth that men don’t like to shop, is hereby reversed.

Straight men watch on a good price performance ratio and appreciate so real bargain prices. Both sexes come on his & creating to during the presentation of his & hers is a unique concept in auction sites. The couple Thater attaches great importance to a contemporary image. Also auction participants should feel safe. His & hers, there is still a personal connection to the user and the business. The owner of the website choose all offered products and buy them in luxury shops. On there is no plagiarism. Launched is the website on June 15. High-quality fashion items, Luxury – handbags, lifestyle gadgets in bright pop colors, clocks, jewelry of trendy brands and luxury designers, accessories, coupons, grills and accessories for Sports can be bought then. Contact: his & hers is a trademark of: LiDo media GmbH Prince-Handjery-str. 9, 14167 Berlin Tel: 030 538 15 938 this is a press release of PR and advertising agency Berlin (->)


Central Europe GmbH

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PSM & W new media relaunches website with customizable information structure Frankfurt am Main, December 14, 2010. PSM & W new media GmbH has developed a new website for the global IT distributor arrow Central Europe GmbH. This is online recently. Several European Web sites were operated separately so far, on, these are now merged. Thus, the new appearance combines diverse content a special challenge to the structure and usability of the website.

A very intuitive user interface was necessary. The challenge was also to follow close to the American performance of the parent company of arrow electronics, and to offer an own, optimized design arrow Central Europe”, explains Michael Schwalm, CEO of PSM & W new media. The versatile range of manufacturers with a banner solution at a glance is detectable on the home page of the five speaking TYPO3 Web site. Also the newsboard is new. About the new products, events, arrow news, market news & trends” the Board offers a differentiated overview and solutions”. On the subscription to an RSS feed, the user can determine the content itself and thus receives only selected information. PSM & W convinced us by an optimal consultation from the outset. The Agency could show always us solutions.

Also in the implementation they were excellent contact, which could react quickly”, says Katharina Bregulla, eCommerce Manager, arrow Central Europe, about the cooperation with PSM & W. Arrow Central Europe as of October 1, 2009 arrow electronics, brought together Inc. with headquarters in Melville, New York its two distribution companies SPOERLE and SASCO wood to a company with the name arrow Central Europe GmbH. The company is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solution. Arrow Central Europe with its head office in Dreieich serves the markets in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and the Switzerland. More See about arrow electronics arrow electronics ( is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. Headquartered in Melville, New York, arrow acted for more than 900 manufacturers and 125,000 OEMs, Auftragsfertiger and commercial customers as a partner in the supply chain. Arrow is present in more than 310 locations in 51 countries and regions. Check out NYC Mayor for additional information. About PSM & W new media the PSM & W new media GmbH invents digital worlds. Brands are translated into new media. Founded in 2001, daughter of PSM & W communication GmbH (since 1995) provides expertise in design and consulting, as well as in the implementation. PSM & W developed new media online marketing strategies, interactive applications, Web design, social media campaigns, and content management solutions from experience over and over again. The Agency serves clients such as such as Ferrero, Hahn Air, 20th Century Fox, Gesellschaft fur technische Zusammenarbeit, or T-systems today with 14 employees.