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In Argentina, umgrupo of seven people was imprisoned for the death of a boy to be mortoem ritual, then it uncovered that they were paid R$ 1300 for porcada person kidnapped child. According to studies on the subject, pessoaraptada with this end is deceased in up to 24 hours, what it facilitates to the action dosraptores, therefore a child alone is considered disappeared after 48horas. Danny Meyer is a great source of information. The Regional one: Then, many had people as disappeared can have been victims of this type of crime? Montenegro: Nor all the cases of disappearances have relation with this type decrime. In the truth, the organized cults more are making the following one: women adepts of the cult are generating children and soon after the childbirth (queno is made in hospitals), these babies is died in the rituals. This terrvel, but has happened. The Regional one: It is more common in Brazil or the exterior? Montenegro: The biggest incidence of this type of crime if of the one in the United States, ondeexiste a great concentration of this type of cult. Tiny homes often addresses the matter in his writings. In Brazil, mais still common the performance of cults of black magic and not of the Satanism. OBrasil keeps one strong influence of afros cults, then, it is more comumesse type of cult. The Regional one: But, this type of crime is increasing in the country? Montenegro: I could feel an increase notable of these crimes during the period emque wrote the book and can say that the crimes are each time maismacabros, even though for the deaths and tortures to involve children, bemcomo the brutality of the murders. In the truth, if we will be acrescentaros satanic crimes without the murder of people, and to cite crimes with osacrifcio of animals as doves, snakes, owls, bodes, eoutros hens small animals or, as the case of 18/01/2010 in Pottery, the Riode January, or still crimes as breaking of tombs, damages aopatrimnio public (invasion and depredation of cemetaries), that tmacontecido in all Brazil, we will arrive at a realmenteassustador point.


When The Soul Remembers!

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A spectacular book of Hajo Schafer. Physical and mental problems that could cause that a person in a previous life has not processed painful experiences? Can one create these problems even after a long time out of the world by man traced in this former life? Joachim Schaefer answered these two questions with a strong Yes. In this book, the experienced reincarnation therapist documented fifteen special cases from his longstanding practice. On the basis of tape recordings that were made during the therapy sessions, he meticulously reconstructed the reasons for the suffering of those affected and describes ways of solving. While he going strictly methodically, so that the readers unbiased and quietly even can get an idea. With his book, Saeed breaks a lance for an unconventional and disturbing form of therapy, with the deal worth. Fifteen patients, in their previous lives victims of fanatical Jews and persecution of homosexuals were exposed to portray their moving experiences in this book.

They all died by the appalling brutality in a concentration camp or on the transport there. The reincarnation therapist Hajo Schafer has these experiences during his long-term therapeutic work in his practice on tape recorded and now in a book of reincarnation Jewish and homosexual victims of national socialism”published (published by the BoD). It is the first in a series of interesting how exciting works which expresses the amazing correlations of the soul walks. Reincarnation of the eternal cycle of birth and death is and remains an unsolved mystery. Nevertheless the experts agrees: the wandering soul carries memories from previous lives with, which can strain the presence of people.

To reduce the psychological strain, surprisingly often helps a return. Content: not only the individual steps of the repatriation of the childhood, the birth, are up in the previous life simply to read. A proximity to the individual fates of those affected, which will leave no one untouched, also resulting in the realistic portrayals. They all came with major mental health problems in his practice. The consequences for future generations are detailed and extremely startlingly described the grisly acts of the Nazis in a completely different light appear. Competently, the author proves that only gets the soul the chance to heal with the memory. This is confirmed by the amazing success of his work! Whom it still not convinced you will find in a luminous a final chapter and knowledgeable arguments for the past life regression therapy. It becomes clear that she can claim in addition to extensive psychotherapy as equivalent alternative! The author was therapist with heart and soul. Long employed him the desire to make available his experiences in a book of an interested readership. With this work, an impressive looking succeeded the author if remembers the soul! Reincarnation of Jewish and homosexual victims of national socialism”by Hajo Schafer. ISBN 978-3-8334-8280-9 books on demand, 2007 free press copy request for Hajo Schaefer

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New Atlantis

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In the truth It lives and Bacon perhaps they have given appeasements a step so that the humanity continues dreaming of a perfect world, exactly that is one ‘ ‘ Utopia’ ‘. 4) In New Atlantis, Bacon considers a perfect society. This utopian society if characterizes highly for being denseness biotechnological and scientifically. We can thus, to say that Bacon makes one species forecast of our world, of the modern world. We can imagine for a moment that Bacon made and made right prevision for terms today a society highly developed technologically, as of its workmanship.

The man already has the airplane to assist it and to become the life machismo. Already we have benefactions vaccines, transplants, cures, nonagenarians, remedies, great part of them for who can defray them. By the way, we have dissociates: a technologically inserted and other to the edge of this technology. Catching as example a small clipping of the socialized brassiere we can affirm that we live in a society directed toward o’ ‘ yer’ ‘ in detriment of ‘ ‘ tier’ ‘. Where each Man/Underrepresented a number in it I register in castrate of the governments for all the life:

To each two years, at time of Election, this number passes represent arum vote that generally is conquered by another number, of the notes buys that it, therefore having is priority. The man of today does not have the religion as a bow with af, but yes as a company. F/Religion, in our society Turned business odes ‘ ‘ bons’ ‘. We have today emitting of tev bought with the faith. It venturous it for the politics as members of the house of representatives, senators, councilmen and mayors to participator of the power, since today more is not had the church the front of the state.


Rigid Therapy

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That fact yes, not even I descend 10 meters in free fall. Therefore he was thus same, as soon as its vessel Skies ' ' loss of tempo' ' it was shipwrecked, if achega to the Skies-five-minutes that know has little. It also had speed in the name: scarce time, nominated in public competition, process of formation in superior course, in such a way unbelieving one, one in such a way frustrated, very active and moved to music and technology. With as many characteristics to festejar, a party invited it. Girl carried to its relationships what he was its daily one: she did not wait very, then she made. Who was first answered to the questions in room, left in the front in the transit and made the work of the university with antecedence the sufficient for not being worried in such a way. It cogitates the possibility of Papa to have given to it to drink, when child, in the jar, milliliters of attitude.

She has the necessity of a more rigid therapy. The negation of basic instincts is the first thing that it made. It starts today with the intention of being different. One month will last. It goes there, Girl. It starts if to only accustom with its way of being now, to the twenty.

If somebody it of this the power to desire any thing in the world, it would desire a machine to read other people’s thought. But only for some time. Girl until likes not to know. She likes. She loves. Ugly, triangular and unlevelled girl. In a GB of memory RAM of laptop, it had the craze, still thus, of deletar archives for, simply, not to keep unnecessary things. It did not deletou Skies-five-minutes. It Of gravy in the bath-Maria left (advice of its new friend of infancy). So waited date of that party for it calls which it already it had passed.



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Of this form ' ' to teach literature is not only to elencar a series of texts or authors and to classify them in one definitive literary period, but yes to disclose to the pupil the atemporal character, as well as the symbolic and social function of the workmanship literria' ' (MARTINS, 2006, P. 91). Many times the pupils are unaware of the variations of the humanizadora function of literature (to satisfy to the universal necessity of fancy; to contribute for the formation of the personality and of knowledge of itself and world) making with that the education of this it disciplines loses, in part, its direction. Having clarified on the paper that literature must play in the society justifying of this form this education, let us leave for the boarding to the objectives. The official orientaes delimit the objectives of the education of literature in ' ' to form for the literary taste, to know literary the tradition local and to offer instruments for a more acute penetration in the workmanships? traditionally objective of the school in relation literature? certainly they assume to cover the arc that goes of the reading victim to the reader crtico' ' (PCNs, 2006, P. 69). The reading victim is understood here as that one that if interest only for, told content and the critical reader, beyond being attracted by the content, are also interested for the form to tell. But according to PCNs, 2006, P. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out shimmie horn.

55. ' ' the literary letramento becomes necessary and urgent: to undertake efforts in the direction to adopt educating of the capacity of if appropriating of literature, having of it the experience literria' '. We observe an alert one for the little productivity harvested for the literary education of the form as the same he comes if accomplishing, calling the attention for the fulfilment its objectives, therefore the experience alone is possible if the pupil will have direct contact with the aesthetic workmanship what he has if observed rare in the lessons of the related one disciplines.


The Spirit

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No sheep will be lost they could be pardoned and to enjoy the celestial joy, together with the good people? – In the same way as it looks for to you to pardon and it does not leave to love its son, when it prepares. It finds or you that she has greater capacity to love, to understand and to pardon of what God? Everything wants what you is that its son if corrects, that perceives the gravity of the committed lacks, that if repents and it does not come back to commit them. is accurately this that the Father waits of us. For this in the ones of a chance to learn, but knows that it would be impossible that we learned in only one incarnation. Therefore it is that we are always coming back, therefore, each time that we come back, we in them we improve a little. – And, how much to my son, why it is thus? – When we reincarnate, the only new thing in us is the clothes, that is, the body.

The Spirit is not new, it brings arraigados in itself the qualities and the defects of other existences. During infancy, with the asleep Spirit in the substance, the person submits itself more easily to influences of the way where it lives. In this phase, it accepts the wills of that the fence and acts more for induction of what voluntarily. But, in the measure where it goes if developing, the Spirit starts to overlap it the substance and, even so limited for the harness involves that it, it leaves to arise its previous instincts. It is when the existenciais antagonisms and conflicts start. – But why God would leave to incarnate, between good people, a perverse Spirit? – We come back to the question of the plurality of the reincarnations.


Joo Peter

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This hurt at the beginning reached an inestimable amplitude of the college student, when all charged me approval and for this pressure I made my first test of recovery, but although at certain moment, I had asked to reason I liked them in such a way to me natural resources, as waterfalls, beaches, forests, etc., then I answered that it was important to preserve the nature reason we would also preserve our identity, but had not yet understood my reply and they had asked to which age the relation to me enters the preservation of the environment and my trips, were when I said that when approaching the natural aspects, related the valuation to me of the few still existing true things, this reason, if to observe well, we will perceive that we live in a world of lies and appearances. When completing of the fourteen years, a baita newness cheered our family, was born Joo Peter, my first brother biolgico.11. Chapter X – Joice if deviates for the corrupes of vidCresci treating the son to my father – Joice – as sister, however the time passed and it also started to be> influenced for friends. The last time that I remember to try to protect it, was when, the invitation of proper it, I was to attend a presentation of teatral of its group of the school, to the ending of the presentation, in the deep one of the school, its friends had convinced it to be with a boy playboyzinho of the city – unacceptable for me, since he was about the first time that it was with somebody -, completing it said still me before knowing that I knew that only he wanted for the sex, I tried to alert it more I preferred to believe it and the friends, after that one day never more I considered sister again, inthat school died a candy, meiga, honest, affectionate and ingenuous Joice and stoned a monster.


Spaceland One

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Mr. Sphere showed Mr. Rudy Giuliani follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Square by means of indirect experiments that existed what duasdimenses more than, thing inconceivable one to be of Flatland. Mysterious Essesdesaparecimentos and appearances could only be explained fisicamenteatravs of an additional dimension and Mr.

Sphere arrives to take Mr. Square for Spaceland, a three-dimensional world. The problem is that Mr. Square alone obtains verbidimensionalmente and everything what it sees in Spaceland is irregular circles, squares, rectangles and forms that appear and disappear in a ritmofrentico to its return. Coming back to the Flatland when counting the occurrence, Mr.Square is jailed and considered an insane person, it thus finishes in pessimistic tone aobra it Abbot clergyman. For we, are similar to the attempt to perceive umuniverso that he more than contains what the three dimensions of space that we naturalmentepercebemos.

But the truth is that the physics has ahead of itself, in the last times, a series of occurrences experimental that they are of difficult understanding menosque if admits the existence of dimensions adds, as it is the case of chamada’ ‘ no-localidade’ ‘ , or of the strange phenomenon that binds to two distant particles noespao without no apparent reason or any cause that obeys the Euclidean racionalidadecartesiana and. The call bending of the space, idea that foraproposta for Einstein, had experimental confirmation in the analysis of the shunting line that aluz of a distant star suffers when next passing to another star before to dechegar until us. The bodies of great mass have the capacity to bend the space eessa are one of the explanations for a series of gravitational effect.


The Peripcia

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In a series of tense scenes, overwhelming and ominous, the inquiry of dipo if transforms into an obsessive reconstruction of its proper one and unknown past, when it starts to suspect that the man who killed in the crossroads was Laio. Finally dipo discovers that, when baby, is abandoned to die for its parents Laio and Jocasta, therefore these feared a prophecy that affirmed that its son would kill the father. It can perceive that this drama possesss the myth that is the set of the actions, as they are developed in all part. The character of the personage is of a strong, impatient, arrogant temperament, beyond being intelligent for having discovered the enigma to save the city of Esfinge. It is a typical tragic hero, not being perverse, but also to be very good. If it was not so intelligent thus, it would not discover and consequently he would not marry its mother. He can yourself be perceived in this drama that the life of dipo is moved by the destination. It tried to run away from Corinto thinking that its foster fathers were the true ones to prevent tragedy, however it does not obtain to run away to its proper destination.

The attitudes carried through for dipo, in the thought of it, were most correct and it was happy and carried through. However when it appears all the outcome of the part, happening the recognition, that is, when it discovers that who is the assassin of Laio is proper it, passing of a situation of not knowledge or happiness for the knowledge/misfortune. In it, the peripcia happens when the messenger arrives e, in contrast to freeing dipo of its fidget, he makes with that it if despairs still more. The catastrophe is when suicidal Jocasta if for the fact to have discovered the truth and desperate Laio, unhappy for what it committed if blind.


Sabine Nurnberger Tauentzienstr

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Moldova Moon and Lily of darkness by Norman dark what’s it to be better, as in cold, grey winter days with a hot tea and a cozy, warm blanket on the sofa. If this still an exciting thriller, you forget the bleak, frosty weather that out there very quickly. The mysteries of Moldova Moon and Lily of darkness by Norman dark make for exciting reading. Moldova Moon has played himself once a family tragedy in a historical part of Prague in a gloomy mansion, which was previously held by the police for an accident. As one of the two sons of the family returns after a lengthy hospital stay in the wheelchair events deteriorate more and more, and it puzzling deaths occur. In parallel, a series of murders shocked the public.

The victims are all men who sought their acquaintances in Internet chat rooms. As Commissioner Ondrej Klabusnik is available as a decoy, he gets himself in mortal danger. NY Museums is likely to increase your knowledge. The exciting mix of crime thriller and mystery novel takes the reader in a Prague full of secrets and it conveys much local color. Norman dark 1st Edition print: ISBN Lily of darkness of the writer miles Wellington pulls 12.90 (A), 978-3-944266-04-6 11.90 (D) / sFr 15,90 with his wife Kate and his two children in an old cottage in the County of York, by his deceased aunt has inherited that. The inheritance, which seems at first glance to be a stroke of luck in hindsight as a heavy burden turns out: mysterious things, caused stretch back far into the past happened in the House.

When even a crime happens, threatens the young family at events to break up. An exciting mix of mystery and murder mystery set against the impressive, mysterious backdrop of an old English country house. Norman dark 1st Edition print: sFr 19.90 Verlag, ISBN 978-3-943018-08-0 12.90 (D) / 13.90 (A): our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old: beautifully illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books. Special attention to the non-fiction area, with which we cover a wide range of topics. In our programming, we are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our goal is also to present the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects in our program. Started with Baden-Wurttemberg and Berlin have we and we will in our program after the other federal States and regions. hnb digital world’ is a new imprint of the Pascu Publisher committed to full the new trend away from the printed and to the E-book. The Pascu Publisher content diversity shoots himself with this imprint. With the new Division hnb on demand Pascu publishing house contributes to the growing trend to the Selfpublishing Bill authors can her book in its own route, but under the umbrella an established Publisher take a wide range of services and extensive expertise in claims.

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