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Jose Orlando Melo Naranjoa

Posted by adminNY on December 01, 2018
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Chances are that at some point felt cornered and on the verge of extinction. As to mechanics had to attack in groups. Noting that his enemies, a group formed by wild beasts. Ceded territory, and that meat from such animals providing them Serb, began to form groups of attack, but mechanically, not reasoned, or imagined. a As the herds were becoming more and larger, your enemies or those who devoured. They were quickly subdued by the crowd. a Then he began attacking each other, as some groups were much stronger and more vicious. Away to the weakest, which unfortunately had not developed to improve their bodies, and other ceded easier to be killed and persecuted.

Why early man became more jealous of their territory and began to cover larger areas of it. And how dimly appeared representing those leaders? Jose Orlando Melo Naranjoa a 1 Here's how it could have happened: as each group of primitives had some of their own, which had good physical condition and did not finish to attack his opponent to kill him. They achieved no purpose to terrorize their own group. And to experience again and again that the survival instinct drove her to flee or similar jobs to yours, let them raise the heat, taste, smell, touch, smell and sight. A feeling of strength, security instinctive pleasure of sexual reproduction and as many of the same species. Once formed these powers, each experience they represented an imaginary illusion, like the dreams that we remember with great difficulty.