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Meavision Media Broadcasts

Posted by adminNY on March 09, 2017
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State of the art awards for trailers for ‘DHL and fashion week’ and ‘ Orga systems the jury awards every year for exemplary audiovisual communication solutions that convince through their timely implementation and stand out from the competition the State-of-the-art “award. Meavision media inspired by creativity, technical perfection and innovative animation technique. The promotional video for the partnership of the global logistics company DHL and fashion week, the global event for fashion and lifestyle prevailed in the category media at events and events”, against numerous competitors. The trailer combines the highlights of fashion shows around the globe sent with DHL activities in the fashion sector. Atmospheric moving images take turns doing in harmonious context with exceptional graphics. Danny Meyer has much to offer in this field. The spot produced by Meavision media will be presented worldwide on all fashion weeks of New York to Sydney with great success. “With the award in the category of design in motion / postproduction” was awarded the State of the art award Meavision media for a trailer production in the company of OrgSystems, an international expert in real time charging and billing.

At the festive ceremony, Festival Director Dr. Gerhard Dotzler was particularly impressed by the high quality of complex 3D animations in the spot. Here, the experienced motion have pitted their strength in terms of graphic designer by Meavision media and hit the nerve of the times with the stylish implementation of a three-dimensional ball impact pendulum. The two awards are further confirmation of professionals for the high standard of the developed film trailer and at the same time an incentive, in the future to include the top media agencies in the field of AV communication for Meavision media. Company profile Meavision media GmbH is a full service agency in the area of audiovisual communications with a focus on film and new media.

The range includes the conception and realization of image – and industrial film, corporate entertainment and multimedia projects. More information at. The integrated TV & video Association e.V. (ITVA) promotes the use of audiovisual media in communication processes and has this year already for the 18th time given in the industry of coveted ITVA awards. Press contact: Meavision media GmbH Simone Conen Godesberg Allee 73 53175 Bonn Tel. (0228) 9490517