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ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI Maitei horyveva opavavepe David Galeano Olivera award type NOBEL awarded to PEASANT indigenous published by read (click) on:!988.Entry few people know ABD38F7EF1C8DAA6!, but there is a type of ecology Nobel Prize. This year has earned him Jesus Leon Santos, 42, a Mexican indigenous farmer who has been doing in the past 25 years, an exceptional work of reforestation in the region of Oaxaca, Mexico. The name of the reward is Goldman Environmental Prize. It was created in 1990 by two generous philanthropists and civic activists Americans Richard N. Goldman and his wife Rhoda H. Goldman. Consists of an allocation of 150,000 USD and delivered each year, in the month of April, in the city of San Francisco, California (United States). Filed under: NY Museums . So far it has been awarded to defenders of the environment from 72 countries.

In 1991, won it the African Wangari Maathai, who later won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. Have to Jesus Leon Santos Since because, when he was 18, he decided to change the landscape where he lived in the Mixteca alta, the land of the Sun. Published by ABC COLOR the indigenous peasant Jesus Leon Santos (42) won the Nobel Prize for Ecology (not so disclosed as other prizes) 2010. At age 18, Jesus decided he wanted to live in the Earth and not in the clouds. One day he looked at the landscape of his beloved birthplace the Mixteca alta (the land of the Sun, Oaxaca, Mexico) and saw it become a dry, arid landscape without vegetation or water. It became not depressed to modern style going to seek other horizons; He fell and decided to take honest hands to the matter. This peasant thought not to form any NGO, nor was crying to the Government. Simple and wise, he simplified. He returned to the pre-Columbian technical healing who taught him a few indigenous Guatemalans to convert arid in growing areas and wooded land.

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