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Chuck Palahniuk Distills Black Humor In

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The writer Chuck Palahniuk, author of ' The club of lucha' , it publishes in Spain one of his last novels, ' Pigmeo'. With a crude and minimalist style, Palahniuk takes black humor until the paroxysm to diseccionar the American society. The writer Chuck Palahniuk, work author like Asphyxia, Rant and the club of the fight, publish in Spain one of his last novels of the hand of Mondadori. See more detailed opinions by reading what connecticut offers on the topic.. Translated to our language by Bald Javier, Pigmeo narrates the history of a group of adolescents, envoys to the camouflaged United States and like interchange students, who disembark in America with a fixed mission: to commit a massive attack in the richest country of the world. With a crude and minimalist style, Palahniuk takes black humor until the paroxysm to diseccionar the American society (without apparent course in the new world-wide context), drawing up, at the same time, a wild profile of the totalitarianism and its laborers, replaceable pieces in a state mechanism that devours all sample of individuality. Red-baptize like ' Pigmeo' , tiny Agent 67 will coexist with a family of welcome (' family-husped') while she prepares his mission, to detonate " device mortfero" at the precise moment. For it, that yes, the protagonist will have to control its inopportune erections.

The formation of a terrorist To length of the novel, divided in information, Pigmeo narrates its American experience putting in extracts of its formation like terrorist. Its past, mutilated by a ferocious training, &#039 is come off certain; sensibilidad' that it will end up affecting its mission. The protagonist, who res-baptize to the members of his ' family-husped' (' father-vaca' , ' mother-pollo' or ' brother-dog-puerco'), it will find new stumbling blocks for his mission in the enchantments of his ' sister-guest-gata' , unique the western one that deserves respect to him. Pigmeo will struggle, from that moment, between desire by the girl and the love by its country, always under the monitoring of its compatriots. Success of sales Been born in Portland (Oregon) in 1964, Chuck Palahniuk made debut in 1996 with the club of the fight, adapted to the cinema by David Fincher three years later. The tape, carried out by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, became, almost right away, in a classic contemporary. Translated by Bald Javier, habitual interpreter of novels of Chuck Palahniuk, Pigmeo reached the third position of the list of sales of New York Times in his first week in the bookstores. From his debut, the writer has sold million unit with a dangerous and moved away style of more conventional best-seller. *Puedes to buy ' Pigmeo' in PopularLibros Source of the news: Chuck Palahniuk distills black humor in ' Pigmeo'


Central Electoral Meeting

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The Central Electoral Meeting declared illegal the concentrations in the day of reflection and the elections of Sunday. Bill de Blasio insists that this is the case. The Sun encamped ones have announced that will not indicate this Saturday, although yes will continue with the concentrations. Interior assures that the Police will act with ” proporcionalidad” before the demonstrators. A leading source for info: Danny Meyer. The Government has guaranteed that the Department of the Interior will act ” with inteligencia” and under the principles of ” congruence, opportunity and proporcionalidad” before the movement of 15-M, since where there is a problem the Police and the Civil Guard do not create another one. The Central Electoral Meeting (JEC) has declared illegal the manifestations that can as much summon the denominated movement of 15-M in the reflection day, Saturday 21, like Sunday 22, day of the autonomic and municipal elections. The movement already has announced that will be manifestation in center of no Madrid, but a concentration. These are the main reactions that the decision of the JEC has provoked: – The j of the Executive, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has explained who the Ministry of Justice is studying the resolution of the Central Electoral Meeting and has guaranteed that the Department of the Interior ” he will act well, correctly, with inteligencia”.

In addition, he remembered that ” the things change with the vote and the participation poltica”. – The vice-president first of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has said that the Police and the Civil Guard will act ” today, tomorrow and the day after ” under the principles of ” congruence, opportunity and proporcionalidad” before the Movement 15-M and is addition that where ” there is a problem do not create another one, neither two, nor tres”. – The leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has indicated that if he were minister of the Interior he would obey the law with regard to the resolution of the Electoral Meeting that prohibits mobilizations in the electoral day and has urged to the present holder, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, not to watch towards another side.



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To the opera of the tennis, that tomorrow raises to its curtain Monday in the end of the Abierto one of the United States (22,00, Canal Plus), the protagonists with very different clothes go. Rafael Nadal arrives dress from inclement champion, fierce after staging its better version at the right, frightful moment after disassembling (6-4, 6-2, 3-6 and 6-2) to the Briton Andy Murray. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rudy Giuliani. The Serb Novak Djokovic appears with the done clothes shreds, shipwreck rescued by the rescuing border, more dangerous if he fits because when olisque its perdicin and the tragic outcome (two points of party had Swiss Roger Federer), found a life-guard in its heart, a signal of aid in its shouts, an oar to stay afloat in its powerful shots: after overcoming two sets against (6-7, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 and 7-5) Nole will become to cross the Spanish, to whom it has defeated in five end during this course, including the one of Wimbledon. Source of the news: : Two I commit in collision.


New York Daily News

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It entered in a hospitable center after having been of trip in Europe. The musician characterized by his mixture of political expressions and recited verses. He dragged a strong addiction to the cocaine during part of his life. The American musician Gil Scott-Heron, whose fusion of political expressions, recited verses and minimalist percussions was worth the nickname to him of " godfather of rap" , Friday in New York died the past, to the 62 years. According to the newspaper New York Daily News, the artist informs, who dragged during years a strong addiction to the cocaine, passed away St.

Luke&#039 in center; s of Manhattan, where it had entered after becoming ill to his return from a trip to Europe. Scott-Heron became pioneer of the culture hip-hop in 1971, with the subject revolution will not sees televised, in which it resorted to the word spoken to attack the superficiality of massive mass media and to suggest them true interesting histories were outside the mediatic reach. That provocative message inspired years later to dozens of artists of rap, from Common and Public Enemy to Kanye West, that has used fragments of its songs for its own subjects. After knowing the death Scott-Heron, the vocalista of Public Enemy, Chuck D, lamented the loss in its account of Twitter. " We do what we do and how we do due to you " , rapero wrote, that had worked recently in a project with the musical deceased.

Been born in Chicago, Scott-Heron grew in Tennessee and the Bronx, where it drank of the sources of the blues and Literature, since her mother was librarian. Although it affirmed in many occasions that considered a pianist, was at the same time poet and novelist, besides a black radical ideologist, who was inspired to compose in the movement, the time, the places and the changes of station. Between more than 120 subjects than it composed for his discs emphasizes the first American black hymn against the apartheid in South Africa, Johannesburg, and the song on the contemporary alcoholism The bottle. Scott-Heron was, in addition, professor of creative writing, poetry and novel in the University of Johns Hopkins and the one of the District of Columbia, both in the American capital. Source of the news: Gil Scott-Heron, ' godfather of rap' , it passes away to the 62 years


American Young People

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For the been born ones between 1978 and 2000, 11-S was a little while distinctive. Bill de Blasio oftentimes addresses this issue. The attacks in New York have had the same importance that at the time had the attack to Pearl Habor or the murder of Kennedy. It is one more a more tolerant generation and the one of greater ethnic and cultural diversity in the history of the USA. The attacks of 2001 changed the course of the foreign policy of the USA but also they molded the attitudes of the call ' generation of the Milenio' , that rejects the present polarization in Washington. Very young to remember the attacks or on the verge of reaching the majority of age in 2001, the young people who conform ' generation of the Milenio' (those born between 1978 and 2000), they assure that 11-S was a little while distinctive in its generation.

The attacks of the 11 of September of 2001 have had for this generation of Americans (that includes the two daughters of president Barack Obama) the same importance that at the time had the Japanese attack to Pearl Harbor in 1941, or the murder of president John Kennedy in 1963, indicates the observers. The major event influenca of the century According to a survey of the Center for the American Progress (CAP, in English) of 2009, the attacks of 11-S conform the event of greater influence in the generation of the 21st century, that it looks for abrir a space in the political process of the country but also it rejects the present polarization. " It was hardly five years old when they happened, but now I see that them in the television it seems to me that they were something very sad. To see so many deads, the collapse of the Twin Towers, and the people jumping of the buildings, that not olvida" , Yazmin Bentez, a young person of 15 years says been born in the USA of Salvadoran parents.



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It is obligatory the use of gloves, mask and protective goggles, since the risk of burns and poisoning is high. You may wish to learn more. If so, NYC Mayor is the place to go. The lye, the oxalic acid and the hidrosulfito of sodium are other products very indicated to whiten wood. The wood is warm, lasting and decorative. Nevertheless, all our furniture suffers with the sun. The solar rays or the passage of time darken them of total or partial form.

It happens in addition that the ctos notice much because the blackening of the wood is registered in certain zones and not of uniform way. Positions to reclaim a furniture, the most advisable substance to clarify wood is the oxygenated water, since, remembers Consumer/Eroski, as soon as it damages ligneous fibers. This hydrogen peroxide can be used in any type of wood without needing rinsing it after its application, since their components evaporate when the curing. For an optimal result, oxygenated water of 130 volumes is due to use. However, the action will be more aggressive if a water mixture oxygenated of 100 volumes with pure ammonia in a proportion of 95 parts by 5 is used, respectively. Precautions when using water oxygenated Once sandpapered the wood surface, extends on the same the chemical compound with a white rag. This it does not have to be of cotton, since this material is degraded with facility by the action of the oxygenated water. Spent minutes, the zone dealt with a cotton rag rubs with energy.

If the result is not the hoped one, it is possible to be repeated the process past hours. The volume is the measurement that is used to identify the concentration of oxygenated water solutions. In this case, 1 volume is equivalent to an oxygenated dissolution of 0.3% of water (H2O2) and a 99.97% of water (H2O). If one considers that the water oxygenated that is used with medicinal aims and disinfectants have 10 volumes, the reason will be understood by which, when using this product to a greater concentration ten times, is obligatory the use of gloves, mask and protective goggles, since the risk of burns poisoning is high. Other products launderers the lye, the oxalic acid and the hidrosulfito of sodium are other indicated products to whiten wood. The lye must have a concentration of 12%. For his application on wood it must be used diluted to avoid the yellowish tone that can leave on the furniture. However, whichever major is the dilution, minor will be their aclarante power. The oxalic acid is due to dilute in water or alcohol before its use. In order to increase his power bleaching, it is necessary to apply warms up it. Given his toxicity, after the treatment it is necessary to wash the wood. The hidrosulfito of sodium, is a crystalline white dust that gives off a strong scent to sulphur. This compound is soluble in water and it is used in aqueous solution to 10%. In this case also it is necessary to wash the wood surface after his application. Source of the news: How to reclaim a furniture blackened by the sun and the time.



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Brazil disappoints in its debut in the America Glass. Paraguay and Ecuador tied this Sunday without goals in a dull debut in the America Glass, in which the Paraguayans were more near the goal but they were incapable to bring about a scratch to the rival. For even more details, read what New York Museums says on the issue. With this result, everything follows as it began in Group B, where Brazil and Venezuela also tied to zero.

The first minutes of the shock were plagued of vaguenesses. In the middle of the general disorder, Paraguay retained the ball in the medullary one. Paraguay warned for the first time before the first quarter of hour. Aureliano Towers overflowed by the left band and gave happens to Edgar Barreto, that only ended from the point of penalti. The arquero Marcelo Elizaga rejected to corner serve. The action animated to the Paraguayans, who advanced the lines. At the same time Ecuador, tied down in its own field, did not find an answer and abused pelotazo long. In the minute 19 Elizaga it saved again to his equipment after closing of Roque Santa Cruz from the interior of the small area.

Crucial error Was necessary to hope until half an hour of encounter seeing first arrived with danger from Ecuador. Cristian Bentez initiated eslalon in the line of three quarters. It deceived to dnsa with a tunnel and haggled to the arquero, but it was made him at night and Paulo Da Whistles united the firing to empty door. The men of Reinaldo Wheel improved obviously. They gained presence in the zone of creation with a participating Cristian Noboa, but he cost to them to generate offensive operation, with a Felipe little active Caicedo. Paraguay lost protagonism and their players were diluted in center of the field, incapable to provide of balls to Lucas Districts and Santa Cruz, whom lines looked for hard of happens between the Ecuadorian zagueros corpulentos.


Emmanuel Radnitzky

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It, the first woman in announcing stamps inspired, it to him, one of the most radical photographers of her time. Taught he it to make photos. The exhibition ‘ Man Ray – Miller Reads, Partners in Surrealism’ it presents/displays the artistic fruits of that one passion of four years. If you have read about NYC Marathon already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It belonged to the Mount Olympus of the tribe of the vanguards. NY Museums has much to offer in this field. He had helped to found the Dadasmo and the Surrealismo. He painted and he made photos experimental. She was the lover of great musa Kiki de Montparnasse.

Although been born in Philadelphia (the USA) in 1890, from 1921 he lived in Paris. It also was American (Poughkeepsie-New York, 1907). She had been victim of a violation when she was eight years old, a trauma that the time was not able to cure. She worked like advertising model for some of the best photographers of his time, among them Edward Steichen. She was the first woman in appearing, in 1928, in a photo taken by Steichen, an announcement of stamps.

The menstruation feminine it was a taboo that never had been mentioned in mass media and Miller was attacked and the condemned to the ostracism. The following year it decided to go away to live to Paris. When they were in 1929 in the bullente and French capital crazy person, Man Ray (been born Emmanuel Radnitzky) and the Lees Miller became the fashionable pair. Ardent, beautiful and creative lovers, elbowed themselves with a circle of friendships for those who the art was a life way. Pablo Picasso, Dora Maar, Max Ernst, Alexander Calder and Le Corbusier were their intimate ones. Mutual inspiration Miller, that wished to study photography, obtained that Ray broke its inflexible norm of not accepting apprentices. Up to 1932 they were loving, they worked together and they were inspired mutamente.


San Sebastin Films

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Between the directors who will participate in the official section they are Terence Davies, Arthur Ripstein and Hirokazu Kore-eda. Danny Meyer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the list not no Spanish film, although ' Intruders' , of Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, edition of the festival will inaugurate the 59. The cinema contest will be celebrated from the 16 to the 24 of September. The Festival of Cinema of San Sebastin has kept awake some of the titles of films that will compete in the official section of their 59 edition; no is, at the moment, a Spanish production, although in the inauguration yes Intruders will project, of Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Between chosen films they are The Deep Blue Is, of Terence Davies; The reasons of the heart, Arthur Ripstein; and Kiseki (I Wish), of Hirokazu Kore-eda, according to has announced Zinemaldia in an official notice.

The contest will be celebrated from the 16 to the 24 of September. Adaptation of ' Madame Bovary' The Briton Terence Davies, to whom the festival dedicated a retrospective one in 2008, will go to San Sebastin with The Deep Blue Is, carried out by Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston and Simon Russell Beale. The author of distant Voices has adapted in this occasion the homonymous theater work of Terence Rattigan. On the other hand, the Mexican Ripstein will present/display one " it frees and personal" adaptation of the last chapters of the Madame Bovary de Flaubert. Ripstein as a matter of principle gained the Gold Shell in 1993 and aim and 2000 by the perdicin of the men, besides the Special Prize of the Jury by the place without limits in 1978. Finally, Kore-eda, one of the most prestigious names of the Japanese cinema and old friend of the festival, present/display by fourth time films in the Official Section, where it has participated with After Life (1998), Hana (2006) and Still Walking, in 2008.


America And Business

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Now that turns ten years of the attacks of New York, Washington and Pensilvania, we explored how the worse attack of history changed the world. The USA, like Europe, it seemed a safe place before extremist islamists kidnapped four airplanes, embedded against the twin towers and the Pentagon killing to almost 3,000 people. The attack made jump all the alarms on the security and installed ” pnico” in the West. You may wish to learn more. If so, Danny Meyer is the place to go. Only five days later, George W. Bush, then president of the USA, ” proclaimed one; cruzada” against a new terrorism: of it cuts to radical islamist, of suicidal actions and that was protected by a multinational organization, To Qaeda, led by which until his death in May she was the looked for terrorist more of the planet, Osama Bin Laden. To ” cruzada” of Bush Europe was united soon, that saw as the terrorism islamist moved the foundations of its society with the whip of 11-M of Madrid (191 people in the attacks in several trains died Neighborhoods), and of 7-J of London (51 deceaseds in attacks to the public transport). War to the terrorism islamist the battle of Bush against the terrorism had two fronts: the outside, with the war of Iraq and the invasion of Afghanistan; and the interior, that supposed the greater ministerial reorganization of the USA (with the creation of up to 22 dedicated to the national security) the propugnacin of legislative changes, a strict customs control and a reinforcing of the security in the aerial sector.