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When you feel the urge to chop, take out your list and do at least one of the activities. Later, if you’re still thinking about food, eat a small portion of what you crave. Other obstacles: 2 you can not stick to a healthy lifestyle. Excuses: it always frustrates your diet or exercise plan. You suspect that it will never break their bad habits. If you lose weight, think you can always retrieve it again. So: It is not enough to want to lose weight. It has that they want to make the changes necessary to do so, says Charles Stuart Platkin, founder of New York headquartered in city of, a web site for weight loss, and author of the rupture of the pattern (Red Mill Press, 2002), who lost 50 pounds following his own advice.

I was tired of seeing the same events in my life, the same diet patterns, says Platkin. He realized that he had to take responsibility for changing these patterns. NY museums follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. How to overcome this obstacles: 1. make a plan (a plan B): if it has not done so, complete the exercise of keeping a daily journal. Maybe they always find reasons to avoid the gym after work. Restart with an alternative activity that look easy, like walking before breakfast.

Write down the excuses you can use to avoid it, as well as a security plan that will be in place. If it rains, I’ll perhaps do yoga in your living room with a tape. No concrete plans, it is difficult to follow up on their goals. 2. Find a partner or small group with similar goals. These were some helpful tips. I hope have served you. Recommendation: with regard to these aspects, you may choose to enter the Programade21dias to lose weight, very easy, accessible and, most importantly, via Online.