First Acquaintance

Posted by adminNY on May 12, 2016
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So you've brought into the house of a tiny ball of life – a little York. So far, he lived in a family with brothers, sisters, mother, and was in experienced hands, the breeder. Now help him get comfortable in your home. In general, one of New York the most popular dogs such as dog Boo – the most popular dog facebook. To a puppy is easier suffered separation from his mother, he can be put in place a stuffed animal or an old fur hat. Make sure only that the puppy they did not fight because swallowed pieces can cause intestinal blockage. If your puppy will whine the day of grief, take him in my arms, stroke, gently talk to him.

At night it is better not to pay attention to him and endured his possible cries for the first night. If your puppy will do to get it into bed, then he will become the master of their owners. But if you agree, that he slept with you, then take a right, although we do not recommend doing it. Firstly, it is small and Possibility of night or a bad fall could end in a jump for his broken leg. During the night the puppy to urinate a few times and it will bother you. Accustomed to sleep with you, he would climb into bed with the children that Nedo admissible for obvious reasons. If you do not mind climbing on chairs and sofas, you can do from the material at hand (the old quilts, pillows, etc.) "step" for the descent. This is a temporary structure must be only for a period of growth.

Prepare for him. Cart sleeping dogs should not be too big. It is always clean, warm, cozy, not drafts, and nobody ever dares to disturb the dog. When you need to to feed, clean, wash, even walk, and so affectionately call your puppy to lure him treat or favorite toy. Never take your dog violently. But the command "place" you can teach from the first day. Gently pat the puppy, name by name, place it on a litter and repeat several times: "location, location, good place." When the puppy falls asleep anywhere, take it back, repeat the command a calm gentle voice. Soon the baby will get used. It is important that puppy is not frightened when he takes on his hands. On the contrary, it should provide him with great pleasure. But no need to take your puppy on your hands too often and all kinds of people, especially children. Puppies are very mobile and very strong so keep them to gently but firmly, that the puppy does not jumped from the height and not damaged. Elbows puppy should always pressed to your sides. Absolutely can not raise a puppy up, holding his front legs – is weakened ligament. Do not lift, clasping his whole hand under his elbow. If you frequently take your puppy so that he will form "twisted elbows. A puppy should be lifted, clasping one hand in front both shoulders and the other hand supporting the back.

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